Cold Sorc (No good equip): Stat point distribution?


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Cold Sorc (No good equip): Stat point distribution?

Well I'm new to HC, I currently have a Blizzard Sorc at level 47, with fairly crappy equipment (random stuff I found + stealth armor).

Anyways, my question is how should I distribute my stat points? I'm planning to originally run NM meph and andy for some basic sorc items to use (such as skin of the vipermagi), and then once I have some decent equipment move on to hell andy, and eventually hell meph and andy.

The problem is that I can't keep my energy too low because I don't have any of those + to mana items available to me that everyone says are so easy to get.... and for strength, well I want to use Stormshield, but I figure I won't get tha for a while, so should I not bother with it and just get 100? (For skullders?)

The main point about stat points I need help with is dex/vitality. I kind of want high block, then I also kind of want high vit. I figure blocking would be the equivalent of much more HP effectively than if I pump vit, but then that's only against blockable attacks, and if you get unlucky with blocking you're dead in a matter of a few hits....

I'm planning this as my skills so far....
20 Blizz
20 Glacial
5 Cold Mastery
15 Ice Blast
20 Telekinesis
1 ES
1 Shiver Armor
1 Teleport

Extra points finishing maxing ice blast/warmth....

How does that look for a sorc without very good equip?

Thanks alot


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Shift 14 points away from Ice Blast, put 10 or so of them in CM (17 is the number to aim for after skills generally I think). The rest can go Warmth/Static. Then of course there's the theory of leveling past 75ish before you start the runs. Infact, 75 is an easy number to hit in NM Baals so you could be 75 and NOT have your +4 skills from hell yet.
You could probably get a whitstan's pretty easily (the trick is finding someone who actually has one and isn't planning on using it) so IF you're set on blocking things aim for str for skullders and then dex for blocking with whitsan, which should leave you with a fair amount of room for vit and even some for energy. I *think* the general concensus though is to make your first sorc no block and then the second one can be built "properly" to keep energy base and block max while bugging SS.

Of course on the other hand, a javazon or a trapsin can both run NM E/S/P and then hell E/S/P with crap (gogo shopped +2 traps claws and gambled +2 traps circlet/ammy) gear while staying fairly safe, and E/S/P do drop nicely =)


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I think if you are just starting out and have no item base, you first need to worrying about getting max resist before max block. And personally like Mouse said your first sorc should probably go all vit....

Just get as much FCR, it's more important than blocking IMHO.

For cheap build I like Pcrown, viper (any %), razorswitch (great low lvl staff, I don't understand why no one wants it), frosties (15 pgems will get you one).

It should suffice for NM runs.
Go with Orb instead of Blizz, this frees up a LOT of points, so you can max orb, bolt, mastery, and energyshield, and have a few left for warmth if you choose to go that high.


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I think you really should keep mana base. just use every rotten charm you find with mana on it. Else, you should build a new sorc when going to hell.

5 static
1 warmth
1 frozen armor (2th in the row)
20 blizzard
15 cold mastery
20 telekinesis
1 CE
rest blizzard synergies.

for the equipment, use your gellforge quest, save all flawless gems, make em perfect and trade. even the cheap stuff can take very long if you want to find it yourself.

i have also tried mfing in nightmare before going to hell, but i didnt find anything there, was not patient enough and went to hell with my viperskin and peasant crown. That did not last long.....

Now i have the following equipment for my sorc, it is still not very expensive, but i think it should work for hell:

wizzard spike
magefists (to complete the fcr)
mosers (PD - PD)
dwarf-rave-thundergods (i like triplle absorb)

last are kinda optional i guess. anyway, all these items can be traded with the pgems and low runes you find.
Do not go for max block on your first sorc. It's not necessary. Also, don't get enough strength for skullders.. it's kind of a waste. Wealth is almost as good and you can make it in a mage plate. Also, if you're planning on Hell meph running you don't even need too much mf. I say get to about 75 so you can have a lot of life, run NM until you get mage/skin/lidless/p crown etc. and then get to Hell Baal and level to ~85 so you have some more life. With good tele speed and good life and a couple of full rejuvs you should be able to tele and if you run into a worst case scenario doing so, you should still be able to juv/flux in Hell Andy. My biggest suggestions for Hell andy and Meph are to have high resists and maybe some cold absorb for Meph. Max block definitely helps, but I personally think it's unnecessary and requires too many points into dexterity.


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my sorc has now progressed to lvl 78. And i am pretty happy with her actually.

I am using mosers (easy to get even for the poor) maxing block with a plain mosers costs too much dex, i will upgrade it and put one eld in it for 72% block.
Since upgrading mosers might not be what you want to do with the first runes you get, indeed max block might not be very viable.

Before starting this sorc, i had some doubts about ES, but now that i have telekinesis maxed, i certainly do not regret it at all. Items and charms bring my mana to 600 or so, so that really helps a lot. even with less mana i think the max telekinesis and 1 ES would be nice.
One thing i do regret though is putting a point in ES, since i could have gotten it from a weapon on tab. You can shop for such weapons and not spend a point on ES.

in total, my sorc now has 800 life, 600 mana, 40 pdr, close to max block and max resists. I never knew a sorc could be that strong, even in hell the only time she ever met danger was when she ran into conviction while surounded by black souls (and yes that was REAL danger)