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+Cold Damage% Investigation

Discussion in 'Sorceress' started by UberB, May 25, 2008.

  1. UberB

    UberB IncGamers Member

    Dec 21, 2007
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    +Cold Damage% Investigation

    We all know that for a cold sorc, +damage% is godly, which is why we use Death's Fathom and Nightwing's. For those of you in the dark, this is because cold sorcs have massive -res from Cold Mastery, so their enemies will almost always be in negatives. When resists are in negatives, +damage% does more than -resists (assuming no mastery linearity). Also, cold mastery is unique from fire and lightning mastery in the sense that it does not add to your skill damage, but reduces enemy resists. So items that add to your skill damage (Fathom, Nightwings, Ormus, etc) are godly since all that gets multiplied by your target's negative resists thanks to cold mastery.

    Fire and Lightning sorcs are the opposite and they want -res just for the same reason.

    However, just how important IS the cold damage percent? Perfect 30 cold damage Fathom's are ridiculously expensive, and you would think that it gives a lot more damage than a 15 cold damage one, right? Well, depending on whether you're PvP or PvM, and whether how many skillers you have, the difference is not as large as you think.

    Let's take Blizzard for example. A pvp max block build might look like this:

    2 x SoJ
    Mara's with torch and anni.

    Total of +15 skills counting one from battle command. Let's also assume that blizzard, ice bolt, ice blast and cold mastery are maxed with 15 points into GS. This gives 5538 blizzard damage not counting cold damage from Nightwing's and Fathom. If you have the lowest Fathom and Nightwing's: your damage is

    5538 x 1.23 = 6811

    The sorc with perfect gear would have

    5538 x 1.45 = 8030

    Quite a difference in pvm, but remember that even a 6.8k blizzard will be godly in an 8-player pvm. Let's look at pvp though. Damage is divided by 6, and because of your huge cold mastery, enemies will be at -100 (unless they stack, but let's not worry about that because if they do, you're screwed anyway).

    The first setup gives 2270 damage after factoring in pvp penalities and the -100 resistance that most of your enemies will have. The second setup gives 2676 damage. A mere 400 damage difference, definitely not worth the huge amounts of extra HR's you pay not only for higher damage, but for the perfect gear, for as we all know that for perfectionist's sake, a 29 cold damage Fathom is many times cheaper than a 30 cold damage Fathom.

    But what about skillers? Factor in nine skillers and you get the following:

    7749 x 1.23 = 9531 (or 3177 pvp damage)
    7749 x 1.45 = 11236 (or 3745 pvp damage), roughly 600 damage difference.

    We can see that the more +skills you have, the bigger difference +cold damage% matters. Of course any half decent pvp blizzard sorc wouldn't be walking around with an 8% Nightwings and a 15% Fathom.

    Refer back again to the numbers with the 9 skillers. Although you get a roughly 600 damage difference, most builds are going to get one-shotted anyway, and you WILL two shot the ones that can survive one hit (assuming no sorb).

    So the conclusion is, for pvm, +% makes a lot of difference. But for pvp, a 15% Fathom and a 8% Nightwing's works surprisingly well when compared to perfects. Plan accordingly.
  2. Naab

    Naab IncGamers Member

    Nov 22, 2005
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    Re: +Cold Damage% Investigation

    Yep Blizzard damage can get very big thanks to the +max damage%.I think max is like at 17-18k(tested i got 17k but im still missing a perfect blizz ormus and a 20/20 monarch,also a torch and anni, but those are unfortunately impossible to get in SP), but those were ofcause with some weird gear that people don't use/have usually like +3cold ammy,beta BKWB's(ungettable in bnet i think:undecided:) and snowclash...
  3. chiangee

    chiangee IncGamers Member

    Nov 10, 2006
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    Re: +Cold Damage% Investigation

    Thanks for the information, now I don't need to waste hrs on +cold% gear.

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