CM or cold synergy?


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CM or cold synergy?

I have a level 71 sorc who has maxed meteor, fireball and blizz, 1 in FM and 1 in CM - going for a blizzballer btw. But i notice the extra points in glacial spike dont make a big difference.

Should I pump glacial spike or cm to boost blizzard? My hunch is CM but not sure.

Am on hell but doing NM baal runs to get tals ammy and belt - have other tal gear already.


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I'd go with a synergy, only hard points in synergies increase damage, while +skills will work with CM


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I'd stick the points into CM.

I used to run a firewall/forb sorc. I noticed that CM allowed me to kill things a lot faster. but that was just an impression.

Some numbers.

we'll assume level 20 blizzard. and CM with one point in to start.

so Blizzard damage with no synergy is 655-711 per second, so averages 683
With 1 skill point in synergy (+5%) it becomes an average of 717.15

So against a monster with no cold resistance you do an additional 34.15 points of damage per second on average.

now assume a resistance of 50% which means blizzard will only do 341.5 damage a second and the synergy will up that damage by an additional 17.075.
But with the CM the resistance is lowered to 45% so blizzard does 375.65 damage. which is an additional 34.15 points.

In this case, the choice is simple. CM will always increase the damage output by more than the synergy can except if the monster is already on 0% cold resistance or less with your current CM level. Once you get below that the damage output increases by adding more damage because of the additional damage taken for having a negative resistance.

I would try get your CM to level 16 with +skills, and then put points into the blizzard synergy. (CM can't break immunities)

(P.S. I could be wrong with the numbers which are based on the Arreat Summit data, but I think this is the way to go)


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I believe your number are correct. Only small thing: in PvM, CM should reach lvl17 idealy, for the -100% resistant. PvP or running Meph, CM should be boosted further more.