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If the game of Clue were in real life...what would your weapon be...and where would you do the deed?

I would use a lightsaber. In plain view of the public so all would fear my Jedi wrath...


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public humiliation with an animated gif in the can be killed by public humiliation...ask gorny. :wink3:


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A movie marathon of the two Matrix sequels, three Star Wars prequels and all the modern remakes of old movies and TV shows for the last ten years, in the movie theatre.

P.S. We call it "Cluedo" in Australia for some reason.


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Modernized ancient torture techniques, on national television, in front of the police station closest to wherever I happen to be.

Hmm, I'm kinda glad I didn't start this one at least :p


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Evil Conservative Inc said:
Barret .50 anywhere I want from 1,500+ yards away
I would use an AI AW50, which is classier, or an AS50 , which is better, or a Steyr IWS 2000 which is bigger.

So, any of those from further than 1500+ yards away and more accurately.

And yeah, why the hell do we call it Cluedo? I was going to ask why the hell Americans call it Clue but then I realised that that's a much less stupid name.


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superdave said:
public humiliation with an animated gif in the can be killed by public humiliation...ask gorny. :wink3:
Only if you're a wuss

I choose the candlestick in the conservatory. I'm old school.


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union tools *** hwoopin stick in the back of a volvo station wagon.

check it up on urban dictionary if you dont know what it is.


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Long, natural claws, in the throat, face, or stomach, many times over to everyone I see going down the street that happens to glance at me. Followed by a creative celebration as I frolick in the resulting gore, including a necklace made of fresh, warm, dripping intestines.


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I'd probably bludgeon someone to death in a church with a rubber dildo...I mean that's if I had a choice.

Ash Housewares

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ModeratelyConfused said:
Proximity mine. I was unstoppable with those things in Goldeneye for N64.
remote mines are better, get some jerk to chase you, stick it to the wall as you're running and blow him up

I pick gravity and that open window you're sitting too close to