CLICK THE BANNER.. you know you want to...


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Pent said:
I refuse corperate america scum!
Because they refuse to hire you due to illiteracy?

corporate - spelled correctly with an O ...
America - capitalized because it is a proper noun, the name of a country ...


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Rigel Kent said:
.. Much as I love the site, I'm not going to expose my system to junkdotcom, bad cookies, spyware, and eventual pop-up blackout ...
fair enough ... so instead you will be sending in a minimal paypal donation directly to

I am not picking you out Rigel, just making a general statement to all.
Those of us that are here using this vast knowledgebase and forum have 2 choices ...

1. - Click the banners and deal with the cookie nonsense.
2. - Send in a PayPal donation

I honestly don't think it is too much to ask that we all chose our poison. Doing neither is simply rude and ungrateful in my eyes.


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I was getting the one about spyware or something. That one is annoying evertime you load a page it uses half the screen


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Dude, there is no such thing as bad cookie "nonsense"
With cookies, you can give people viruses in temp files...
Screw with proxie settings...
And generally mess up a computer.
I've gotten bad cookies (thankfully I have McAfee, so they were immediately deleted) through some very reputable sites, as they can "parasite" into a... site.
Kinda funny :p

Rigel Kent

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ericbres said:
Click the banners and deal with the cookie nonsense.
Er, well, if I'm going to empty-click and continue to stomp the value of Webvertising into the ground, I might as well favor the banners that appeal to me. It's my right to do so; one click-through plus purchase justifies a few empty clicks, right?

So next time I see a banner that doesn't flash (sorry "Winner!" guys), doesn't mislead (sorry "Warning!" guys), and doesn't grossly overrun its 468x60 space (sorry Six Dollar Burger guys), I'll be all over it.

Or maybe I'll just book another airline reservation.