Click here! (Hammerdin - shields)

Rolland Salvathorre

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Click here! (Hammerdin - shields)

Hi guys! I have got a small problem.

I am still playing with paladin - hammerdin. He is 29th level. I have so good equipment but I have not got a good shield for him yet. I have never found HoZ, I know that HoZ is the best shield for Hammerdin, that is a big pity that I have not got HoZ. But I have several great shields for him too. But I do not know what shield is the best for hammerdin from my shields. Here is a short list of my items:

Orphan call shield, Gerkes sanctuary, Lindless wall with perfect diomond, stormchaser, blackoak shield, tiamat rebuke,steelclash, stormchield.

I have not got spirit... :-(

Pleaser help me and choose the best chield for my hammerdin from this list.
Thank you very much... :DDD


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Maybe you could try the Paladin forum, or look through the Hammerdin guides to see if any have an alternate gear section.

In general, which shield you want to use depends on what you're lacking. Do you want more resists? or Damage? or FCR? or Blocking? Without that info, there's no telling which shield would be best for you.


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Rolland Salvathorre said:
I have not got spirit... :-(
It seems you think that Spirit is a unique shield. It's a runeword. You need a 4 socket shield (a paladin shield in your case, of course, preferably with 40+ resists) and four quite cheap runes: Tal, Thul, Ort, Amn. It works in ladder only and as it's from the latest bunch of ladder runewords, you can't make it in single player.


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if you can't get hoz, go for spirit if you're on ladder. If not, go for lidless then.

Rolland Salvathorre

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I play single player only. You have told a true, I thought that Spirit is a unique shield. Is there another runeword for Single Player for Hammerdin with quite cheap and low runes???

I have found a paladin shield. I do not know if it is good shield.
Help me, here it is:

Rare protector shield
Defence: 197
Change to block: 45%
+8 to strenght
+8 to mana
28% enhanced defence
Magic damage reduced by 2
All resistances +24
2to to paladin skills
Level 5 Blessed Hammer (47 charges)

Please help me what shield is better. This one or Lindless wall.

Thank you so much... :D


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Rolland Salvathorre said:
Is there another runeword for Single Player for Hammerdin with quite cheap and low runes???
Rhyme in a Pally shield with good resist automod would be nice.

But if you have enough resists and CBF from somewhere else, I suggest using that Lidless Wall


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it's better that it gives you more resists and more skills. However, if you are lacking fcr, i would still go for lidless.


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yeah you're right, and i thought the lvl 5 charges of hammer were "5 to blessed hammer instead"

doh :bonk:


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