clever playlists


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clever playlists

I'm obsessed with music...duh. But one thing I've never really bothered doing is making playlists. Most of the time I leave my iTunes on shuffle, or I have something specific I want to listen to. So what kinds of playlists have you built? Anything goes.

A few that I currently have:
Apple Commercials - All the songs I have that have been featured in Apple's ads.
California Dreamin' - All songs about Cali.
Cover Me - Manually arranged playlist of original versions of songs followed by the cover versions.
Dazed - The Dazed and Confused of the best ever.
Top 10 of (2003-2007) - One playlist for each year.


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Re: clever playlists

Currently I have work-out, study, and chill playlists. And I'm in need of an update--I've grown tired of the same old stuff.
Re: clever playlists

I have one for homework, mostly laid back stuff with a few fast paced songs to wake me up.

Guitar Hero, a playlist started with great songs from GHIII, turned into just any 'epic' rock songs playlist.

I have a playlist full of the most depressing songs in my library, seems to make me happier most of the time.

One full of game music and remixes, the newest additions being remixes of Metroid Prime 3.

I also have one full of covers done by a full orchestra, it is interesting to hear modern songs done with such a full sound.


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Re: clever playlists

I have playlists that include all songs of certain ratings, and playlists made up of one band. I don't ever find myself craving one type of music other than a certain band.


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Re: clever playlists

I only have one playlist called "Happy Playlist". They're songs that make me happy, or songs I play when I'm happy.
I just use the Winamp search for anything else I wanna listen to.


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Re: clever playlists

I've got a bunch of random playlists:

-A couple soundtracks

-Some with dates, just playlists I put together, dated for reference

-Certain artists (I'll take out songs I don't like by the artist, and put all the ones I don't dislike on the list, so I can listen by artist without the few I don't like)

-Sleeping (real chill music to put me to sleep)

-Driving (I've got a couple of these. I like listening to upbeat, louder music when I drive, as well as bluegrass/more country sounding music. These have a lot of Zeppelin, some hip hop, Allman Brothers, Muse, some songs from the American Gangster soundtrack, Sublime, the Who, CCR, as I said, a random mix of upbeat jams.

- "Everything good" I've got a couple songs I don't really like/listen to on my IPod, so I have this playlist. I basically put all the music on my Ipod on this playlist, and take off the songs I don't much like, as well as songs I just have too many of. (For example, I love the Grateful Dead, but I've got like 15-20 live performances, and I wouldn't want to listen to that many live, jamming shows when I shuffle my Ipod, so I only put a couple of them on the Everything Good playlist)

Murillaz: A mix of my favorite Muse+Gorillaz songs. Muse and the Gorillaz makes a great mix IMO. It's good to drive to, it's good party/dance music, and I'm happy havin it on anytime. Those 2 work well together, so I went ahead and made the playlist.

-A couple lists my girlfriend and friends made. I like listening to my friend's music choices, as it helps me expand my own. I often find myself getting into songs or artists I wouldn't otherwise have paid as much attention to.

- Currently have a bunch of playlists from Spring Break, when 15 of my friends and I got a mountain house and stayed up there for a week. Of course a bunch of random playlists were made there, and some of them are pretty interesting mixes, so I held on to them.


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Re: clever playlists

I have a "sleepy time" playlist. It's a list of songs that are both depressing and slow enough to make me fall asleep.

Staind - Epiphany
Our Lady Peace - 4 AM
Brand New - Handcuffs
Bush - Glycerine
Brand New - Me vs Maradona vs Elvis
Grateful Dead - Candy Man
Matchbook Romance - Goody Like Two Shoes
Scapegoat Wax - Space to Share
Alkaline Trio - Blue in the Face
Our Lady Peace - Sell My Soul
The Killers - All These Things That I Have Done
Motion City Soundtrack - Hold Me Down
Paul Simon - Slip Slidin' Away
The Early November - Little Black Heart
Rage Against the Machine - Beautiful World
Dashboard Confessional - This Ruined Puzzle
Elvis Costello - She
Taking Back Sunday - My Blue Heaven
Motion City Soundtrack - Even if it Kills Me
Simon & Garfunkel - Bridge Over Troubled Water
Brand New - Jesus
Scapegoat Wax - Light of the Moon
Our Lady Peace - Are you Sad?
Weezer - Butterfly
The All-American Rejects - It Ends Tonight
The Starting Line - This Drama Summer
Weezer - Only in Dreams
Brand New - Play Crack the Sky


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Re: clever playlists

I've never been able to listen to music for a long enough period of time for a playlist to be useful. Two or three songs and I'm all musiced out.

Can't listen to most songs more than a few times before getting sick of them anyway.


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Re: clever playlists

I've got a couple all instrumental playlists (swing/classical). Easy listening, haven't gotten sick of them yet.


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Re: clever playlists

is two songs a play-list?
If I want to center myself and feel alive I play 2 songs in order.
1) Kansas "Dust in the Wind"
2) Seal "Newborn Friend"
Highly recommended you jump around during the second tune.


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Re: clever playlists

1) Kansas "Dust in the Wind"
I'm sorry, but all hope of taking that song seriously disappeared after watching Old School.

The Fratellis - Flathead
The Harrisons - Dear Constable
Saul Williams - List of Demands (Reparations)
Modest Mouse - Parting of the Sensory

That 4 song combo wakes me up when I need it, and they're all stuck in my head right now. Very catchy stuff.



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Re: clever playlists

I just use Pandora. I have little idea of what is coming next, but I usually like it.

I've got a few odd channels that I enjoy.

1. Cloud dancing - I ripped this off of someone else, including the title. It's got a bunch of calming piano tracks and nature sounds. Very good for keeping me from ripping my hair out when I'm editing.

Pandora says the song currently playing on the channel features: "new age aesthetics, an overall meditative sound, acoustic sonority, extended piano soloing, and intricate melodic phrasing."

2. Nature and Native - Nature sounds and native drums/flutes along with some acoustic guitar of the relaxing sort.

3. Native Beats - Less relaxing and more focused on native flute and drums.


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Re: clever playlists

I have some "Best of Artist" playlists, a playlist for songs from Rock Band and Guitar Hero, a playlist for covers, a playlist for videogame music, some genre playlists, etc.

mince pies

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Re: clever playlists

Pretty much every Queen song

Some Led Zeppelin

A couple of dance

I like any type of music, except for rave. Rave is shat


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Re: clever playlists

I just have a "running" playlist (for... well, running) and a "Sleepmaster" playlist (for sleeping). The running is composed of upbeat tunes, most that have beats which fall in line with my pace.

However, the sleepmaster has been replaced by "Beethoven at Bedtime", a CD that a friend bought me a few years back for my birthday. Great stuff to fall asleep to.