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Cleric who deals damage

Discussion in 'Paladin' started by Metathrom, May 12, 2008.

  1. Metathrom

    Metathrom IncGamers Member

    Aug 4, 2006
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    Cleric who deals damage

    Hey there. :wave:

    I'm considering making an Abott/Healer or whatever, but in deviation to the standard uber-defensive abott build, I want this guy to be able to kill some stuff. :cool:

    I was mainly considering two setups - one with max DR% (50) and some PDR and another with PDR only. Check it out:

    DR% build:
    - "Beast" Berserker Axe (I think this would be a good idea for the Fanaticism Aura, Crushing Blow and good damage, but the standard Grief/EbotdZ/Eth DeathZ might perform better. What do you think?)
    - Stormshield "Sol" (main source of DR%)
    - Gladiator's Bane or Arkaine's Valor (Sol)
    - Nature's Peace Ring (this ring offers a good amount of DR)
    - String of Ears (DR% and Life steal)
    - AR/LL ring or PDR ring or Raven Frost (Gladiator's Bane gives Cannot be Frozen, but I still appreciate the AR on Raven Frost)
    - PDR Ammy, Highlords, Mara's or Angelic Combo
    - IAS Gloves (Laying of Hands, Magnus, Lava Gout, some rare with LL)
    - Not sure about the helm. Maybe Kira's for resistances, or a magic coronet of Amicae socketed with Sols and/or maybe Um for max Resistances), or maybe CoA, and replace SS with Gerke's Sanctuary or Griswold's Vortex Shield with Sol Runes?
    - AR/life GCs, Damage/AR scs, Resistance, Life and/or Defensive Aura charms. Which would be better?
    - Switch: CTA and Paladin Spirit

    PDR build:
    - Switch Stormshield for Gerke's Sanctuary (Sol) and String of Ears for either Tgods (Lightning absorb is sweet) or a PDR build

    My skill setup would be something like this:
    - 20 Prayer
    - 1 Cleansing
    - 1 Meditation
    - 1 Redemption
    - 1+ Holy Shield (enough to reach 75% block)
    - 20 Zeal
    - 20 Sacrifice
    - 1 Salvation
    - Rest in Holy Shield or Holy Bolt to heal friendly party members/merc
    - 1 in Conviction, maybe? Could be useful for party members, as well as killing Physical Immunes, along with 1 in Vengeance.

    I'd use an Act 2 Combat (Prayer) Merc with Insight to stack with each other and to add to my Cleansing Aura, wearing a LL helm and a decent Merc Armor such as Eth Valor, Eth Fort, Eth Stone or something with good res/PDR/defense.

    My main goal is a build that is party-friendly, extremely tough to kill in PvM and that can still kill on its own. My priority is still survivability over damage though, I just would like to learn the ideal balance point between survivability and killing speed. The fact that some of my chances of staying alive depend on my life steal (and therefore attack speed/damage) makes it a little more tricky, so I need help here. Drac Gloves might also help a lot, so I'm open to ideas that you guys might have. :azn:
  2. Crane

    Crane IncGamers Member

    May 7, 2008
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    Re: Cleric who deals damage

    I've been thinking about a build like this too, and I came up with a few options that I can't decide between.

    First, yours with the 20 zeal and 20 sacrifice for the damage. Seems like it would be solid

    Second, we have the avenging abbot. This is what I'm leaning heavily towards at the moment.
    20 - prayer
    1 - cleansing
    20/20/20 - fire/cold/lightning resist
    1 - Vengence
    20? - Holy shield.
    - I figure if I put the conviction polearm on my merc, it will boost my damage significantly and I won't have to worry about doing enough... problem will be when the merc dies. The other problem that I don't think I'm going to like is crowd control. I'll have to kill one fetish at a time, but I guess with this build I'll have more than enough time to do that. This will also put base max resists at 85, then if you wear thundergod's...

    The other variant is the charger/abbott.
    20 - prayer, 1 - cleansing...
    20 charge
    20 vigor
    20 might

    Again with the one kill at a time, but this one will be much more powerful, possibly more frustrating, especially when you get IM'd and die instantly.

    The avenger variant is what I'm going to do, but take my advice with a grain of salt because I've never built it. It looks like it should work tough...

    I do have a question - I heard something about synergies not working over 20... Is this true or just a load of crap? For example, if I raise resist cold from 20 to 22 with skillers, will my vengeance damage go up?
  3. Metathrom

    Metathrom IncGamers Member

    Aug 4, 2006
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    Re: Cleric who deals damage

    Yeah, the Vengeance build sounds pretty good but I wouldn't try the Charge one since I only like Charge as a secondary skill, and there's also a bug with Charge that requires you to switch weapons before you can attack again.

    With Vengeance you might actually use a Dream setup (and max Resist Lightning as a synergy/bonus to Dream) and load on PDR and/or DR% in the rest of the gear (Shaftstop, Gladiator's Bane or Arkaine's armor, PDR ammy, PDR or DR%belt, 2x Nature Rings, PDR gloves and boots). :azn:

    Even without the Dreams I expect your damage to be pretty good still, but crowd control might be an issue as you said.

    About synergies, Vengeance damage will only go up with more skill points in the skill itself, by getting yourself a better base weapon or through Conviction and the necro curse Lower Resist, as far as I know.

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