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Discussion in 'Paladin' started by Sixstringer, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. Sixstringer

    Sixstringer IncGamers Member

    Feb 24, 2008
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    Hey -

    Wondered if anybody had thoughts on a cleric/templar combo. I like the idea of having healing ability for party play, but with a little offense against non-undead that a pure cleric lacks. What I'm thinking . . .

    20 Holy Bolt
    20 Prayer
    20 FoH
    20 Holy Shock
    1 Mediatation, Cleansing, Salv, etc.
    Whatever you can afford in Conviction

    With +skills, you could get close to the cap in conviction for your FoH, and still have some skills against undead with FoH as well. This would go along with your prayer/med/cleansing aura and a synergized (for healing) holy bolt. You miss the massive undead killing of a full cleric has with the blessed hammer syn, but more balance overall. No Holy Shield, but hopefully you'll be out of the fray healing and FoHing.


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