Claw +2 Assa 80 ias +1 WoI


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AFAIK you can get up to +3 to skill tree and up to +3 to some skills in same claw, so you can get +3 to traps +3 to WoI, which would be way better than what you're offering here. Also IAS doesn't do much good for a trapper... Sure, you put traps little faster but that's all. And I didn't see any fire trapper for a long time, but that might be just me.

And if that's not enough Bartuc's gives you also +2 to all skills, +str, +dex, FHR, LL and its so cheap that I wouldn't count this would be worth anything.

But like always, I might be wrong :tongue:


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As regard to your question no, wake of inferno is a worthless pvp skill (as well as pvm) You'd do much better shoping for a +3 trap or +2 Sin with +1-3 WoFire/Mindblast, etc etc.

ALso, ias is not worthless on a trapper, if he can hit the last trap laying bp w/o using BoS then that can allow him to use Fade as his main aura, providing more DR and resistances which would be golden imo.

Burtucs are a good cheap alternative, the provide nice stats and other mods. My fire trapper uses a +3 Trap +2 WoF Claw (i have 2 sheals in it atm but will try for ias/resist jewels later) and then i also use a Burtuc (also needs a res jewel when i find the time). Just remember, if your going to be claw claw, you should make use of tele port from enigma so your claw block works 100% of the time.

-BLoke :smug: