Classic US East Game Now!


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Classic US East Game Now!

Well I read the sticky that this section needed more posts so I figured I'd tag this one on!

US Realm East I want to play with a group of non twinked players! Anyone interested email me [email protected] or mack-j on US East or just post duh!

(of course how many classic characters play twinked anyways :p )

I'll probalby be starting the character on Monday


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hey hey
i'll play
i havnt played classic since 1.08 so i want to try it out again
i need some items though
msg me on my useast expansion account kissing_shadows


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I play USEast non ladder, I won't play untwinked but if you want to goof around or smite evil or somthing message me.



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MackJ said:
I want to play with a group of non twinked players
CrushingBelial said:
i need some items though
Untwinked, so you wont need any items for this.

Unfortunately, I'm not going to participate, I play hardcore, though I'm probably missing out, sounds like a lot of fun.


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I play diablo 2 classic ladder twinked. under the account names of...


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Re: Classic US East Game Now!

I just started Classic diablo, looking for some help on there... add my account name its *HighLyfe or shoot me a PM here