Classic Sorc?


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Classic Sorc?

Are there any Diablo 2 Classic Forums anywhere? Or maybe some of you veteren D2 players can help me out. I'm looking to find out where the best place to level my 56 sorc up is. Act 4 NM doesn't give much xp, and Act 1 Hell is too much for her to handle.

Also I wanna start a new classic sorc, but I'd like to know what gear would be best to twink her with. I'm thinking:

Kahlim's Will
Wall of the Eyeless
Etlich ammy

Any suggestions, or maybe a link to a classic forum would be great.


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i know of no classic forums.

i played classic before 1.10 came out. i got caught up in lod ladder. the last character i made in classic beat hell diablo before lvl 50. what experience they didn't get from questing, the chars got from cow runs. my guess at lvling up would have iether been CS runs on NM which you say are bad exp, or cow runs.

as far as gear goes, the best gear would be rares you find with the exceptions of sojs and gloves. assuming you won't get those here is a list of good gear:

sigons shield (1 skills, highest block in classic)
eyeless (20 fcr)
shard (50 fcr)
magefists (20 fcr)
frosties (+mana)
tarn (1 skills, mf)
eye (1 skills)
nightsmoke (dmg to mana)

for belt, boots, ammy, and armor your best bet would be to get rare items. there are really no good uniques. for a belt, i like bladebuckle, but it doesn't have mods a sorc would need. its more for other chars.

you didn't mention your skills. but in general, you can take any build from LOD and use it in classic effectively if you just find the equivalent gear.


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Awesome. Thanks. Cow runs are giving good xp. And your gear suggestions are good as well.

Classic is weird. I spent most of my time in LOD killing stuff in act 5. And the lack of elite items, or unique execeptional items in Classic is crazy.

At least the resists aren't as bad as LOD, but I guess that makes sense since there is no Anya quest.


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i like how there are no elite items or unique execeptional items. it makes the game more based on rare items than uniques. it increases the rarity of the truely good items.

the one thing to remember about cow runs in 1.10: stay close together (if you want exp). the way blizzard nerfed cow runs was by lessening how far you could go away from the kills and still get experience. it is limited to 2 or 3 screens away.


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I've been soloing mostly. I hate fighting over drops. I want to build a Classic Sorc that can solo hell. I know I need to invest my skill points into 2 trees. And I know I need to invest skills into mastery. Any suggestions?

Frozen Orb and Meteor sound good. But so do Blizzard and Firewall. I'm not sure what level I should try to get my skills mastery up to. Any reccomendations?

Like max Orb and 10 into cold Mastery, then maybe max Meteor or Hydra with max fire mastery?

I've built a couple of v1.09 LOD sorcs, but I had a ton of +skills gear so one point into any skill usually resulted in that skill being bumped up by like 15 levels.

Sadly, in Classic I do not have the luxury of godly gear.

I want my occy and harlequin crest and lidless wall and skin of the viper magi and Mara's ammy. Dammit! lol


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like i said, in general, any lod build can be ported to clasic. meteorb and cl/orb are both good.

even with godly gear, you can only get +8 skills. expect 2 or 3. this only matters with skills like static, e-shield, and warmth. your main killing spells will be maxed and will be as effective as they were in lod even without the gear.