Classic PvP - D2War


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Hey Guys,

Just a shout of to the classic players that are still kicking around.

D2War is back up and running!

For those that don't know what D2War is we are a private server made up of classic players. We are based on 1.10 however have modified gameplay taking the best of every patch such as pre patch items and zons with pierce like in 1.09.

We only have one difficulty which has been balanced throughout to ensure no players get left behind when waiting for rushes.

To aid skipping through acts we have a number of trap doors in town that throw players straight in to the act bosses.

We have special cube recipes to aid gearing up and leveling has been increased from 1-90. There is end game content for those wanting to progress to the higher levels.

Give it a check at or find us on facebook

Any queries give me a shout :)