Classic Gear/NM CS Runner?


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Classic Gear/NM CS Runner?

Yeap yeap, starting classic today. :smiley:

So, I think I'll start with a Hammerdin, as the last time I started classic (when I used to play west), I made a Blizzard Sorc, so would like something a little different this time. The only other option I see as being about as good is a WW Barb, which may be easier, but I'd like to solo more and would rather cast and play something a bit harder but less worriful or whatever (I hate watching out for IM >_>).

So anyway, I don't really know what gear is better than what for classic. Is there any standard or ideal set-up or something for hammerdins? I know most of the good ones but I don't really know which ones go together or anything. :listen: Also, if a rare item is the best (seems to usually be), then I'd like to know the best base for it. Since in Classic I have no clue. ._.

As for a NM CS Runner, I assume a Blizzard Sorc or Hammerdin is the best? A sorc is probably better but will RD more. :p A Hammerdin is fine either way, right?

*cd-Classic (East) in a bit. :eek:


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A single element sorc will not be able to finish NM CS due to immunities, as Seis is always cold (I may be wrong).

If it's NM cs specifically, it doesn't matter if your barb gets IM'd because he's not going to be at a high lvl that it would really matter, thats my opinion on the matter.

Rares are usually the best but you can make cheap and very effective builds from Uniques and Set items.

I'll elaborate more later if the thread hasn't had more replies.


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de seis is not always cold immune in nightmare, but frequently is.

that being said, 1 hard point in static, and you can static him down to a point where you can stab him with your shard.

if NM is your literal end point of interest for cs running/MFing then an orber will be "finished" first, and you can even toss a couple more hard points into fireball, or thunderstorm if you are going to be raiding nm games, you'll find it increasingly difficult to shard-stab de seis as he may reheal on you in a full game.

if it's 2-3 player games (e.g. rushing someone) then the stab method works fine :)

as for gear, a lvl 6x or higher orber should have no problem raiding a nm game naked. but generally, shard/magefist, fcr rings with rez.

can go twitch +ward, or cheaper the triple p dia shield.

or boost the ES with a nightsmoke, and that lovely DTM.

swap to gull once in the cs, or at least on the seal bosses, and Diablo.

triple p topazed hat. mf boots. etc. blah, blah.

oh, and re: your din idea. any hammer din over lvl 50 in nm should be on autopilot (likely much lower, but it's been a long time since I was that low of lvl with a hammer din)


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Oh, haha, didn't mean that I would want to end at NM CS. Probably would go on to Hell obviously.. I just wanted a build that would be able to do it well. Was hoping that Hammerdin would be fine at it which it seems to be. Thanks.

Edit: Oh, and about gear. Is what can be rare still the same and all of that? As in, can rare rings still get +15 Str and can rare amulets still get +20 Str? As for PvM resists, is it Fire > Cold > Lightning > Poison? I know in LoD it was Lightning > Cold > Fire > Poison. Also, what would be a good base str? Is no points into str as good as in LoD or is it not possible without wasting your +skill/needed resist slots? Thanks.

Edit: Haha, sorry for so many questions but I don't think I said this right in the first post. Is there any better base item type for armors? As in a rare Mage Plate > rare Light Plate or such? Or is it just how much defense you can get for your str? Does the armor being a "light" armor type matter? R/W might be more important in Classic. :eek:


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it's not unusual for someone to make a "glitch mfer" - that is only kill NM D by not getting the quest. hence why I thought you might be thinking along those lines.

def is essentially unimportant in classic, except for bvb duelling. (within reason)


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Rare and magic rings can get 15 str
Rare and magic amulets can get 20 str
There is a full list available in the usefull builds sticky, under Orphan's list of classic mods.

Fire is allways welcome as a pvm res since fire is the dominant elemental damage in CS(Venom Lords Inferno, Oblivions firebolt [?]), cold being a good second(Venom Lords sword attack and Oblivions thrown Ice attack), then lightning (Oblivions white thrown attack,LE and I think that red manadrain and the Storm Casters tentacle attacks have lightning damage on it) and lastly poison(Knights sword attack and Oblivions thrown poison attack).

Exactly like you typed, Mage Plate(55 str req) has a higher base defence then light plates(41 str req).
Most people don't really bother to even check if their armor is Heavy, medium or light. As a hammerdin you will have vigor, so you won't notice unless you walk around with a light or without a armor for a while and then put a heavy armor on.
Paladins have Vigor
Sorcs have teleport
Barbs have faster run walk skill
Necros just use the sorc's portal
Amazons are neigh non-existant unless they are in cows and they tend to just use Twitch.

When it comes to trading, people will never find a heavy armor interesting. Anything above 55 is considered heavy. Sometimes people can be swayed to go for Trellised. Even if they are wearing a goldskin, they will consider 80 str req a too heavy armor.

All vit is desired by some. If you can avoid putting points into str, avoid it, but don't get stingy. Get about 58 str with your items so you can wear mageplates, grim helms and grim shields.