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Classes & builds for different roles

Discussion in 'Diablo 3 General Discussion' started by Wacken, Oct 14, 2015.

  1. Wacken

    Wacken IncGamers Member

    Oct 7, 2006
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    What classes & builds are optimal for different roles ? For single player I think off:
    -Farming DB with sage (as you can read below i think i answered this for myself alrdy)
    -killing ubers at G10
    -Speed farming Grifts
    -Pushing for high level Grifts

    I have no real multiplayer experience besides the standard public games where everyone basically plays his own game but happen to be together in one. What are the roles needed in organised multiplayer and which classes are wanted for those roles ?

    Is the game really imbalanced or is it just a matter of what roles and gear level where a class shines ? All i see in public games is barbs, DHs and monks. Are the other classes significantly worse ?

    After spending many hours on diablo 3, i had produced a WW barb that sliced trough T7, abit slower but still easy T8, difficulties in T9. Only few items are ancient stats are imperfect, but not terrible. It hits for about 40m on the downtime of COE ring, 150ish during its uptime.
    For farming DBs, i changed to 5IK + sage, this reduced its effectiveness by 1 torment level. So it was quite decent for farming T7.

    Then i made a monk. In 1 day i generated and spent some 5000 blood shards and a bunch of crafting mats to get the shenlongs, 2 raiments and another 2 sage. Most of the gear is the first one i got for the slot, nothing is ancient. This guy slices trough T8 like nothing doing 300-500m crits all the time. In other words, even with sage, it outperforms the full wastes barb.
    Is this normal basic imbalance or did i do something wrong on my barb ?
  2. maareek

    maareek IncGamers Member

    May 12, 2007
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    Well I'm pretty late here, but for your last question there's no real way to answer without seeing your profile/the exact setup of each character. There's so much variance in terms of how you gear and how you play that a quick writeup doesn't convey much and to be completely frank if you aren't familiar enough with everything to make the call for yourself that one char is just stronger than the other it's not impossible to think there are aspects you're just missing that we can't know about. If you link your bnet profile we can compare and give an idea of if there are mistakes/what can be improved on either. I'm not 100% sure how much I can help in terms of a pure wastes build (my experience with barb this season is only with the 6ik/2wastes rend build) but maybe someone else can help/I can give it a shot.

    In terms of you asking about multiplayer and what builds are wanted: 1. healmonk is the most important team build in the game right now since perma crowd control has been removed. It's required for high GR content as a group. 2. DPS build. Honestly I'm not sure there's a real ranking past the heal monk but clearly you have to deal damage so I'm putting the DPS build here and the ideal for this slot is either a HotA barb, a static charge monk or a dart witch doctor. They each have their pluses and minuses, but in general if you remove gear as an issue static monk is probably best in terms of overall damage rift-wide and dart doctor is best in terms of bringing down the rift guardian. HotA is easier to gear and probably easier to play while not being too far behind in terms of damage output. 3. EP monk. There are multiple builds for this, ranging from 2-piece Uliana's aimed at speed farming to Uliana-less setups aiming to snapshot mythic rhythm and a big assimilation stack into a single super EP that gets spread by the DPS character, which is more for pushing the leaderboards and requires a high level of coordination. 4. Support barb. Biggest boost from this spot is this build brings Ignore Pain to the whole party. It's a pure support setup with buffs and debuffs that can also run from a more speed run/exp gain spec (cain's set, born's set) to something more designed to push leaderboards (4-piece wastes) but regardless of which it's focused on keeping 100% uptime on warcry and ignore pain while using ancient spear to pull monsters in to the group to be blown up by the EPs.

    Just so we're clear, what I've outlined above is the builds for doing greater rifts above 60. For torment level farming there's really no set guides because you can farm with pretty much whatever you want. Even if your farming build can only do t7, it's still probably more efficient than trying to go higher just because 1. the legendary drop rate doesn't really improve much as you go up torment levels anyway and 2. regular rifts are about death's breaths, grift keystones and materials more than legendaries, anyway. Greater Rifts are where you go for legendaries and blood shards, so whatever rift activities give you the most death breaths and grift stones is probably the best.

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