Class duo for Pandemonium event


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My friend and I have played Diablo 2 on and off for a number of years but have never gone deep into endgame. We have killed Hell Baal once but have not gone beyond that.

We decided for our next attempt we want to try to do the Pandemonium event but we are looking for input regarding class composition. We want to do it with just 2 players and only the gear that we can find ourselves so no trading.

What 2 classes would be best? We were thinking a paladin and a sorc as this is what we have often played in the past but we arnt sure what kind of builds would be needed for this specific quest.

Thanks for any input!


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Even if you don't have the best gear yet, you can take them on with a Paladin. I used this guide many years ago to build a cheap Paladin who can tackle them:

A Sorceress would be beneficial for farming the keys needed, but grinding through monsters to reach each boss would help you find some gear for your quest.

A Barbarian would be useful as well, considering Battle Orders to help you survive Uber Tristram. Would also help to have him as a tank to keep the minions off the Paladin while he uses smite on the Big Three.