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Please forgive if these questions have been answered before . Im currently playing a lvl 90 HC Bow amazon FA/cold maxed, lvl 15 decoy( with plus skills), max valk. trying to get the most out of this build. Lots of questions here so If you could answer just one id really appreciate!

From what ive gathered -10 bows are the only way to go for this build, so i went from harmony in a ward bow to a harmony in a blade, since harmony and FA both shine with increased IAS (am I wrong?) I feel a +3 mat bow would be the best but they are SO DAMN RARE on single player. Also I found Blood ravens charge with +4 bow skills but I highly doubt its a match for harmony ( could be wrong on that ). I think my only step up from the Harmony in the mat bow is Ice/ Faith or Windforce hmm?.. i mostly do p5 runs @AT is it feasible to find a JAH in the next few months? Goals... Hell Baal is my ONLY issue, and I must do this with bow, when I started using a bow amazon everyone said they suck, and that elementals arent even viable in hell, that couldn't be farther from the truth im kind of obsessed to beat the game with this build in HC if you could understand that.

i have 20 ias rare gloves (still grinding for LOH), Treachery, for a combined 65 ias, so when i found nightwings vail, I used the lazurus quest to put in a 40% ed jewel in there, should i have gone with an extra 15 ias jewel instead?, and use 40/15 jewel when i find it? is there an even better jewel to use here?

Also my treachery is in eth Armour, if I use fire to proc fade can that remove durability? does every sort of damage roll to damage armor? ie ranged/ kicking barrels.?? Thanks for reading.


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Good to know, Ty for the links. i had nowhere to dump points from here at lvl 91. Ci's get My Maxed valk/ act 2 cold merc and if needed almost endless revives from Harmony. I use lvl 15 decoy on right click.

is a 40% ed jewel better then another 15 ias, for my helm? im at 65 ias already with a matriarchal bow. i doubt im at last breakpoints i just need to know which is more beneficial?

As long as I keep finding orts I can P5 everything but worldstone keep, which is decent for a HC bowazon
still need LOH!


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Why a Holy Freeze merc? You already do cold damage and freeze enemies. A Might merc would be a bigger help against CIs.

With a Blade/Matriarchal Bow, 42 IAS gives 9 frames, and 75 IAS gives 8. You could use different gloves with your current gear, as Treachery by itself is enough for 9 frames. I don't know how much the damage jewel helps, but I guess it would be useful against CIs. I have a Zon that uses CS/LF/FA, and gaining an extra frame on FA is not a big deal. The limiting factor when using FA is your mana.

When talking about probabilities, "feasible" is not the best term to think about. "Reasonable" is better. However, I have no idea how likely such a find is.

Ice is indeed the best FA bow.