Clans? Why?


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Clans? Why?

Okay, I have to ask - what in the world is the point of clans? I see people with tags in their names all the time in pubby games, and they're always going on about how they're part of this or that clan, and they've never heard of clan GC, but do I want to duel...

(As a side note, I name my chars GC-Whatever, helps to ensure that I am recognized as me in various games, and to make sure I get the name I want. If you're curious, it stands for Godless's Crew - My accounts are GodlessDragon and GodlessReborn lol)

But... why join a clan? I can understand that some run their own duels and whatnot, but still... most of them seem to have no point. Aside from scamming.. =/ Had one friend who ran a spam bot for a clan, who would go and steal people's stuff... he stopped after I explained just WHERE all the items they were paying him were coming from.

So - what's the big deal?


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some people like trustworthy people to help them. Members of a clan are bound to those rules.

Some like to duel with certain rules set by the clan (such as clan honor)

Clans can come in handy in pubby duels when one person is being a really big stuck up.

And clan wars are fun as well.

You can also get free items if you make it up to a higher position of a clan.


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all of the above
I know a clan "Gothic Clan" so that GC- tag :D
I also know 3 brothers having the XLR- tag before their chars and now because every1 thinks they're in a clan, they will be rasing one.

I like clan's with honor etc, I do not see the point thou of clans who focus on killing low lvls with high lvls or clans using bots & aimhacks etc
(few I see doing these a lot on eu scl are ToK, tt, PIMP)


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Honor isn't something you have to proove to others, but to yourself and those you truly love. Many people confuse it with pride and vanity and some use it as a justification to do despisable acts or as an excuse to commit crimes. If it pays off to violate a codex of behaviour in a certain situation (especially if nobody will probably notice it), many people choose to ignore their codex. That does not prevent them to mob others who act in contrast to it, even if those people never decided to obey it.


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there are two types of clans, imho. one type are informal schools, where new people try to get help from more experienced players, and think by joining a clan they will not be taken advantage of, and the information they get will be better in some way. this is patently wrong, and i always send new players here. the 2nd type of clan usually only wants experienced players, have rules and codes of conduct, and expect players to already be knowledgable and skilled. there are actually only a few, and the biggest/best have closed.

so, to answer the original post, joining clans is a complete waste of time. if you want to find people to play with, my personal rule is only trust people you've met face to face, because as somebody told me once, "the only way to guarantee somebody won't rip you off is the very real possibility of a butt-kicking."

imho, don't bother with people you meet virually online. darius, one of the best players ever and one of the best of the "modern" (.09 and later) duelists, used to play on europe, and was convinced to pick up stakes and come over to uswest by players. those players eventually quit, leaving darius alone in a foreign server.

and then, all of this is not even touching on the fact that almost all clans now are thinly veiled scams.

overall, imho, the very word "clan" implies an immature version of prepubescent "clubs" with the sign outside: "no girlz allowd". do you call your buddies from school a "clan?" i didn't think so.


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People have this bizzare need to feel accepted, or part of a greater whole. It makes them feel significant, or more powerful when interacting with other people. Joining clans is their way of fulfilling this need. :evil:


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It's funny, because I kinda consider this a clan that you don't have to try-out for.

Sure, we have our rules (no hacking, don't be an idiot, etc.). But look at us, we provide a pretty reliable trading service where you don't live in phear of getting a duped HR in a trade. We offer knowledge and support in both D2 and non-D2 matters. And most of all, if we're ever in game and looking for someone to duel with, smack down someone else, or just quest around, you can probably find someone game here.

I love this site. :thumbsup: