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Clan Hell-Reapers Is Recruiting On West Realm Ladder & Non-Ladder

Discussion in 'Player Matchup' started by PerfectEnigma, May 24, 2008.

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    Clan Hell-Reapers Is Recruiting On West Realm Ladder & Non-Ladder

    We are a mature gaming clan that was founded March 6, 2002. HellReapers supports Diablo II: Lod, World of Warcraft, & Guildwars. We support Diablo II Lod on West Realm ONLY currently. If you like free GRushes, Trusted Xfers, or just some online gaming buddies. We are currently trying to start a ladder hardcore division. So if you don't have anyone to game with on hardcore because you are scared of getting pk. We are the clan for you. Also the Non-Ladder division is trying to get a legit pvp team up.

    You will see navigation links on the left hand side of the page. First, you need to click the Forums link and register a forum name. After you do this, click the Join Here! link under the welcome text. You will be directed to which section of the clan you want to join. I would assume you would be clicking on the Join Diablo II: Lord of Destruction link in your case. You will then be directed to an application to fill out. YOU MUST FILL OUT THE WHOLE APPLICATION & REGISTER A FORUM NAME OR YOU WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. When it asks how you found out about HellReapers, please say PerfectEnigma. So I get credit for recruiting you. If you have any questions feel free to ask me here or post them on the HellReapers site forum.



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