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Christmas for Diablo fans

Discussion in 'Diablo 3 General Discussion' started by Exile, Oct 23, 2010.

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    Christmas for Diablo fans

    Or at least that's what it felt like after they announced the Demon Hunter and the pvp arenas. Plenty of information (on many parts of the game), its nice to see the dev team start to fill in the blanks to some confusing and concerning announcements earlier in the year.

    But the most interesting thing so far at blizzcon is that the wait to play D3 is excruciating compared to SC and WoW. So hats off to the D3 Dev team for, literally, pulling almost all the weight of blizzcon this year.

    StarCraft has some mildly entertaining maps, and WoW has.... you guessed it... the same thing from last year. So when my buddies and I were taking a break from d3, we cruised over to the WoW demo area to find it barren in comparison.

    So hats off to Bashiok, he was telling to truth. This was the biggest D3 blizzcon yet. Partly because there isn't anything else to announce :)
    Anyway, that is my $.02 for now

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