Choosing Best Damage Shield for Zealot/1 pt smiter for UberTristram - read inside (A


Choosing Best Damage Shield for Zealot/1 pt smiter for UberTristram - read inside (A

Hi guys...
Since im a VPP (very poor player :p) Im thinking of making a budget tristram killer with either the SPIRIT r/w or the sanctuary r/w (if i get lucky @ hellforge and get mal rune).

I googled for the best base damage shield for damage and came across this

So what would be the best all rounder shiled for any of those r/ws?
I am thinking about the sacred targe(22-70 dmg), Kurast shield (10-82 dmg), zakarum shield (46-46 dmg)...

What are you guys opinion about this? Spirit or try to get sanctuary(ko ko mal?)?
What shield and why?


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Sanctuary will be better for uber trist because it gives higher overall resist. Ideally you want to make both runewords in a shield with 40+ resist all, but you're a VPP, so you won't be able to afford that. Personally, I think the best low-budget pally shield for uber trist is Griswold shield. It has +45 resist all and 3 sockets. With 3 pdiamonds, it gives +102 resist all and highest smite damage. Also it has huge bonus to blocking, which will save you a lot of points in dex to max block. The shield usually goes for only 1 Pul on west ladder, might be higher on Europe, but should still be lower than the Mal for santuary.


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The first shield I've been using for ÜberTristram was a 4-PDiamonds Zakarum Shield with some resistances as auto-mod. I ended up with a 110%+ Resist All shield. I think this one fits in the VPP category hands-down :grin: ! I succesfully killed the über-three with that, and I was only Level 84... Make sure to equip a fast weapon to reach max speed when smiting, and a life tap wand. The rest is just a joke :rolleyes: :wink:.


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Smite damage is not an issue on an Ubers Smiter. Nearly all your damage comes from Crushing Blow and Open Wounds. Just try to get something with as much resists as possible (as the two above have already mentioned).