choosing a career


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Meh, 16 hour days aren't my style anyway.

The professor life for me, the professor life for me, hi ho the derry-o the professor life for me.

Now all I have to do is pass comps.


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Yaboosh said:
Now all I have to do is pass comps.
Yeah, comps are going to suck. Luckily as a first year Masters student, I don't have to worry about it for a little while.


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1. Very high-paying jobs that you have to be brilliant to obtain (entrepreneur, CEO, etc). Not brilliant in the school-smarts way, but in the business way. Very risky, though. Lots of money but huge time committment, and you probably aren't smart enough for it.

2. High-paying secure professional jobs (doctor, lawyer, etc). Require you to be fairly studious (not necessarily really smart, but fairly so). Lots of money, prestige, and almost impossible to not be able to find a job. Can require more a lot of time, though.

3. School (HS teachers, profs). Profs make more money but you have to get a PhD and write papers begging people for money for research grants. Usually lots of time required, also, such as making tests, grading papers, and writing grants.

4. Military. Can be great if you go around seeing the world, and can possibly teach you skills to use in the real world later on. Chance of getting stuck in crappy places doing nothing or getting shot at, though.

5. Work your way up the corporate ladder. Just get into some random job and stay there. Of course, some jobs you don't move up at all, such as being a telemarketer for 20 years and only moving 1 step up from calling customers to being the manager of 15 people calling customers. Can be a less-brilliant person's #1, as if you do it right, you could be making decent money later on.

6. Government job of some sort. Nice and safe, but not a lot of pay. Lots of people in university positions, for example.

7. Some job where you could do a lot of good but you won't get paid much (scientist curing diseases, 3rd world worker of some sort). Great for personal fulfillment, bad if you don't like dirt.

Hmm, that's all I can think of for now, although I'm sure there are plenty more categories. Personally, I'm not smart enough for 1, I hate the extra after-work work of 3, don't wanna get shot or shoved around by 4, never liked 5 (tried it a little), not enough pay in 6, too greedy and I have contacts so I don't like getting dirt in them for 7. I'm going with 2. Little more work in the beginning, but hopefully it will pay off and be easier later on (much less effort required than in a business-type job). And a certain type of 2 that doesn't require much out-of-office work, so I can just go home and watch TV at night rather than read journals or cases.


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DurfBarian said:
The rest of the world is going to suck even more when you learn that the high-paying jobs you're interested in doing for a little while only go to people who are driven and genuinely interested in what they entail. :badteeth:
Or people who do a good imitation. I have heaps of ability, just zero interest in whatever they're going to get me to do. Apart from the money.

DurfBarian said:
If you aren't interested in finance and aren't willing to put in the 16-hour days, it doesn't matter how many connections you have; you won't get and hang onto a finance job that pays you a quarter-million a year.
Depends on the job. I'm most likely going to end up doing something like Quantitative Analysis, they're always looking for Maths grads.