Choice of Weap 4 Zealot


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Choice of Weap 4 Zealot

I'm currently playing US West Standard ladder and was wondering which of these runewords would suit a zealot paladin better?

etheral berserker axe "breath of the dying"


ethereal berserker axe "death"

death has crushing blow and deadly strike, whilst breath of the dying has life/mana steal and +to res and attributes.

interested to hear ur opinions.

thanks for the help


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Re: Choice of Weap 4 Zealot

don't forget IAS. Death has no IAS, while BotD has 60....with a BotDz you will hit last breakpoitn for zeal quite easily, while with Death you wil have to plunk a heavy investment into ias on other gear to catch up. Id go with BotD and leave CB and OW to your other gear (guilliams helm and goreriders will solve that easily).


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Re: Choice of Weap 4 Zealot

A berserker axe requires 60 total IAS to hit last frame zeal and EBOTD gets you all the way there while death you would be required to switch some gear around.

Vendungos/SoE for 10 Ias belt
Draculs for 20 ias gloves
A socket in the helm has to be 15 ias.

With highlords this will hit it .

65 IAS