Choice for IK baba


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Choice for IK baba

Hey there,

I have build an IK baba, look cool and stays alive well. He's lvl 85 now and I have some (26) skillpoints left to divide. I'm not sure where to put them......

This is what I have:
* ww = max
* battle orders = max
* mace mastery = max
* al prereq = 1

Now i'm doubting the following:
- 2ndary attack --> Berserk or Concentration
- MAx that 2nd attack or Max shout instead
- Just leave those on 1 skillpoint and go for iron skin max

Anybody can help me here, cause I don't feel 'compleet' ;)

Eilo Rytyj

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Berserk and Concentration are fine with 1 point, no more.

Battle Orders gives you all the damage boost for Concentration that you need through its synergy.

Berserk gets a good damage boost from the Shout synergy.

I'd suggest maxing out Shout. Don't touch Iron Skin until you've finished with Shout. Shout gives:

- 10% damage to Berserk per point
- 5 more seconds duration to Battle Orders and Battle Command
- 10% more defense per point

Iron Skin only gives:
- 10% more defense per point.

The obvious choice is always max Shout before Iron Skin, since they both provide the same defense per point, but Shout provides much other bonuses on top of that.

The points after that are up to you, but I, and most people, just put them in Iron Skin.