Chipmc's Witchwild String Strafeazon Guide v. 0.05 Beta if


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chipmc said:
Oh wow, I'm gone for a couple of weeks and my guide gets stickied!

Wow, I have responisibilities now... I have to revise the IAS tables! Merc equipment selections! I had an idea to make the guide pretty with screen shots! So much to do!!!

Argh! :flip:
Thanks for doing this. It'll help members out big time :)


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I get laughed at all the time (unless im being accused of being a pk'er), but Ive found that my little witchie zon with FA and strafe can effectively walk to NM baal with less worry than almost any of my other chars. And at the moment I find her a lot of fun to play.

As far as hell level, so far so good but its slow going and I have to be careful. Although I am only to a2 she has been up to the challenge.

My question concerns weapon switch, would there be anything gained having Blood Ravens Matriarchal bow as possible weapon switch? With explosive arrows would the blood raven do more damage?

One of my friends that I play with on a regular basis is an enchanter, would this make having the switch available viable?

Thx for the help...


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The problem with Zons and explosive arrows is that the explosive ability only works with your normal attack, so it won't work with strafe, multi, etc . . .


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* With chipmc permission, I summarized his guide for the newbies… And for not so rich player ^^
(I want to keep this summary myself, for this is for others don’t have time to read, since this build seems interesting…. And I also want others to try your build… Currently I’m making one today… )


Lvl 20 MA, 2 sockets, chance to cast lvl 5 Amplify Damage, +DS per/clvl, +40 Res
And its cute blue color ^^

WWS Short Siege Bow - Required Level 39, Required Strength 65, Required Dexterity 80
WWS Diamond Bow - Required Level 61, Required Strength 89, Required Dexterity 132


S - 89
D - 132+
V - 80-100
M - None

Skills Distribution

Bow Skills

MA - 1
CA - 1
MS - 1-10
IA - 1
GA - 1
Strafe - 20
FA - 1-20

Passive and Magic Skills

IS - 1
CS - 1
Dodge - 1-12
Avoid - 7
Evade - 1-12
SM - 1
P - 1-20
D - 1
V - 17-20
Pierce - 20, 9 (w/ Razortail)


Weapon - WWS, 2 shaels (40 IAS)
Helm - Stealskull (10 IAS + 15 IAS Jewel = 25 IAS)
Amulet - Cats Eye, Highlord’s Wrath (20 IAS)
Armor - Lionheart
Rings - Ravenfrost, Dual Leech Ring
Gloves - Hit Power Gloves (ML, +2 PS, Res, (knockback), 20 IAS)
Belt - Nosferatu’s Coil (10 IAS), Razortail (+Piercing)
Boots - War Travelers

If Nosferatu’s Coil,
IAS Total = 115 (8/2 - 105% IAS), 10 IAS wasted but with slow target and LL
If Razortail,
IAS Total = 105 (8/2 - 105% IAS), no IAS wasted, but w/o slow target, but +piercing = saves SP

Charms - +cold charms

WWS IAS Breakpoints

13/3 - 0% IAS
12/3 - 9% IAS
11/3 - 20% IAS
10/3 - 37% IAS
9/3 - 63% IAS
9/2 - 86% IAS
8/2 - 105% IAS
7/2 - 200% IAS

Mercenary of Choice: Act 2 NM Offensive ->Might aura.

Helm - Guillamume’s Face (Tal’s Mask, CoT, Vamp Gaze, if no LL in Weapon)
Armor - Shaftstop, (I prefer Ethereal Duriels Shell ^^)
Weapon - Ethereal Crescent Moon Runeworded Elite Polearm (Shael-Um-Tir)


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This is such a great guide I never had a strafe zon or never really used this skill i use to have a multishot zon. I just started playing again new to the 1.10patch and been looking for a great guide that will work in 1.10 since guided arrow isnt the same.

I hope the WWS isnt hard to find also im playing non ladder so i wont be able to upgrade it will that hurt me will i have to use a different bow or will WWS still be good??


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you will just be missing out on a few hundred dmg points or so. If you could you should try to get some good max dmg charms to make that up.

Or do as many of us did which is join the ladder season and try to build up your wealth. In doing so you could get alot more ladder items and upgrade the wws in the process.

Ofcourse you could always join up the ladder season during the end and upgrade it if you have alot of items on nl that you dont want to give up playing.


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heh... i just found the WWS in CS Act IV Nm during Xping...
Very lucky for my Witchyzon! Im playing untwinked btw...

The chance to cast amplify is very low....
But when it casted, it will speed you up a lot ^^

Though she died 10 times ^^ Due to impatience....
Yeah! patience and getting far from the enemies is the key to survival...
(Though beware for those teleporting unique monsters with fire or cold enchanted, even you are far away, it will somehow "wisely" teleport at your side before dying, hence, casting the fire/cold enchantment upon death with you ^^)

But try pumping the valk first... it will help you a lot while still looking for WWS...

Dianara is currently clvl 80 now... and in ACT V... in anya quest...
Cant wait to reach the fastest achievable BP ^^


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Hmm, im on USWest ladder, and i've been following shanksies guide with major success except for one big thing: no wf. Someone in this topic mentioned wf going for a pul, but I couldn't get one even for an um. I've had the same sucess trying to get a WWS. Right now I have everything I need to upgrade it, so does anyone have suggestions on which would be easier/better to get and how I should go about getting it?


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@AgentPongo: I suggest heading over to the trading forum. I got a 155% WWS for 12 perf. gems. Cant say youll get the same, but its worth a shot.

My witchyzon is now level 66 and decked out in pretty good battle gear. Tomorrow I see how I fare in The Pits and start saving up for my mf gear.
Wish me luck.


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my witchyzon on USWest Ladder is now lvl ** and i love it. As for getting your damage up to those deadly levels, a fortitude dusk shroud fit this build perfectly (if u can afford it, that is). i do roughly 750-1000 dmg. times that by 4 when the amp casts and the deadly strike triggers, and u get enough stopping power to solo hell. at the same time, i didnt have to put more points into strength than the requirement for an upped WWS (89 str.) ive got full resistences with my setup. i find that equipping an atmas' scarab drastically increases how often amp casts. sacrificing the ias from highlord's/cat's eye doesnt seem to be as much of a hinderance when amp casts more often since amp is where the real damage comes from. you'll find that once amp casts, all enemies go down very quickly. especially against undead/phys. immune, u NEED amp to cast. a 9/3 strafe works fine for me.

the valk is key to take the attention away from you while u strafe enemies to death. usually the first thing i do is cast valk through doorways and around corners and then start strafeing. ive been running the pit in hell quickly and easily for a while now, and seriously have no problems. even with Faith grandmatrons popping up everywhere, people still stop to compliment my upped WWS. its great. very nice guide, and a fun character to play, i might add.


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Nice guide~!
I got my strafer at lv86
103 (archon... it looks way better :p)
300 (over 350 with items)
80 (72x life with items)
base energy (around 250mana)
(22pts left, more dex? vit? or str if needed??)

max - penetrate, valk, stafe
pierce - 8 (9 with a passive gc, probably too many base points, but the .9x.9x.9x.9x.9x.9x diminish scared me)
D/A/E - 3/1/3 i guess? 40%, should I spend more here?
decoy - 1 (worth to put more pts here?)
(about 10pts left, all for D/A/E? decoy? critical strike in case I find a better bow?)

tal mask w/ 15ias (omg... i can't stand this monster face... but I can't find better replacement..)
ammy - cat's
fort archon :DD
upped 163ed wws, dual shael'd
20ias knockback glove
wisp (LOL, lightning "looks" gd before I can afford BRAND) and heart of wolverine helps a bit AR

sk - might
uniq warpike, duriel, gaze
still easy to die..

a few max/ar LC and resist charms

around 700-1000, ONLY :(
around 7.5k, definitely not enough...

I'm trying to use demon limb on switch, but its str req hurts me... probably -15%jewel and uniq gothic shield?
I dont want to spend a Hel here..
Tell me if you got a eth for sale :)

fort is nice, but the dmg is still not enough in hell... 80% no problem in signle rm, 66% to hit baal is too shameful... souls hurt a lot to me, how can I boost my resist further?
didn't try much in 8ppl yet, but I doubt her power... esp she still cant beat a trapper in pvm dmg, DS rocks~! and that scales with number of players~!!
my dream is always Brand + marrow, before I can afford it and back to reality, how can I improve my zon? to make her work in 8ppl rm? should I have boost a higher dex and leave str and vit base? but I dont want to see my fort drop from my corpse... any advice is welcomed :)

p.s. items on switch for different scenarios:
- +2zon sk, tele ammy
- LoH (knockback helps, but not A LOT)


Diabloii.Net Member's what im wearing:

+55all res kira's guardian helm w/15 ias jewel
atma's scarab ammy
upped 154%ed dual shael WWS
1484 Dusk Fort +25 all res (yea, a sucky roll on that one)
laying of hands gloves
manald heal ring
nosferatu's coil belt
raven frost ring
nat's boots
+1 bow skill gc
bunch of +5fhr sc's

it looks like i definitley sacrificed speed for things like increased chance to amp and +all res. i was wearing tal's mask too, but decided that i need more res and went with a kira's. that left me without the handy 10% dual leech so i went with a manald heal ring. laying of hands are really nice gloves for this setup...the +350% dmg to demons owns. the fire res is pretty high too. i would be wearing waterwalk boots for the dex, except it leaves holes in my res, so for now im wearing nat's boots which completes my 75 all res. i noticed you didnt max pierce and went with the razortail. i went max pierce to free up my belt for ias, but either way works.

when it comes to 8 player baal games, theres actually few weapons that consistently own everything in sight, i.e. ebotdz's, griefs, ebotdcb's, beasts, dooms, faith bows, oath eth bb's, windforces, etc (mostly runewords as u can see). as stated in the beginning, the WWS is at best an all around bow. the damage was never meant to beat weapons with 600+ max damage. with its ds and amp, it can however get by in hell single, or even up to 3 or 4 players and not have too many complaints. so don't get ur hopes up on the WWS outperforming faith/fort zons in the damage department because it probably won't happen. it always was an "all around" bow with its 40 all res, and damage mods, a weapon that had a lil bit of everything. in my experience in 8 player games, better make sure the tp is clear before jumping in the throne >_<. just a couple souls, death lords, those little exploding boners, or vipers can really hurt a witchy zon. cast ur valk and start strafin.

there may yet be ways to up the witchyzon's damage that i havent tried...maybe (if u can afford it) a 120/45 helm...but otherwise 1000 max dmg might just be the witchyzon's best. not seeing the connection with Brand and marrowwalks? and Brand is way more expensive than Faith. and faith in my opinion outperforms every other bow in the game because of its +330%ed everytime, +15 all res, and fanatacism aura most of all. why spend more?


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lawgical said: not seeing the connection with Brand and marrowwalks? and Brand is way more expensive than Faith. and faith in my opinion outperforms every other bow in the game because of its +330%ed everytime, +15 all res, and fanatacism aura most of all. why spend more?
I'm on my way to a Brand bow. However, I doubt how well it can do comparing to faith/fort. In terms of math or experience, how well do you think brand/marrow can work?


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oOoh. i was just talking to a friend who made a brand on open bnet just to see what it was about and he said it was a pretty nice bow. a bone spear every time an arrow successfully hits sounds awesome. imagine a zon shooting bone spears!

and i see now the relationship between the bow and marrows. my friend said that the marrow bug added about 1k of dmg to each bone spear fired. im sure that value might vary a bit, but that doesnt sound half bad...sorta interested in making a brand now too. my only concern is the ias on brand?! im thinking it might be a bit slow, but it sounds fun.

Liessa Wyrmbane

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lawgical said:
there may yet be ways to up the witchyzon's damage that i havent tried...maybe (if u can afford it) a 120/45 helm...but otherwise 1000 max dmg might just be the witchyzon's best.
I do over 1800 max with my Witchyzon (with might merc of course, but no poison dmg), so 1000 is obviously not the max :)


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Liessa Wyrmbane said:
I do over 1800 max with my Witchyzon (with might merc of course, but no poison dmg), so 1000 is obviously not the max :)
after getting some new gear, my max is at 1100 now without psn dmg, and without might merc. im too lazy to keep resurrecting the poor guy. how did u get ur max so high?