Chiangee's PvP Frost Nova/Blizz/Orber Guide

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Chiangee's PvP Frost Nova/Blizz/Orber Guide

Its been a long time since I last played Diablo2....or posted in a forum for that matter. So here I go making odd guides for either the rich in non-ladder or the decent in ladder. I am pretty new to the non-energy shield sorceress, so I'm not sure your going to "tank" in duels.

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NOTE: Since this is my first guide in this forum, I will give the fair warning that the majority of my guides are NOT for the poor.

Why a Frost Nova?
Its different, does decent damage of 2.5k and it will kill players with low Faster Hit Recovery.

8K Blizzard, why?
This is a synergy to Frost Nova and when dueling you SHOULD cast it on your self for extra damage against melee characters.

Why not go with full orb?
Well I myself had a full orber and was extremely good with her. But she was stripped from all her perfect gear so I'm Plus you get the best of both my case since I made a FN/Blizz sorc.

Skills & Stats Distribution:

20 Ice Bolt (48 in all) Damage: 3796-4373
20 Frozen Orb (48 in all) Damage: 1326-1382
20 Frost Nova (48 in all) Damage: 2268-2538
20 Blizzard (48 in all) Damage: 7786-8047
20 Cold Mastery (48 in all)
1 Frozen Armor (18 in all)
1 Teleport (18 in all)
1 Telekinesis (18 in all)
1 Warmth (18 in all)

Strength- Enough for gear. (110)
Dexterity- Enough/ close to max block with Frozen Armor.
Vitality- Rest of stats after Strength and Dexterity.
Energy- None.

Outfitting and Equipment
(Skills/ Resistance/ Stats)Faster Cast Rate
(Resists NOTE: F=Fire, L= Lightning, C=Cold, P=Poison)
Mara’s Kaleidoscope- (2, 30, 5)
Death's Fathom- (3, 25-40fire/light) 20FCR
Mage fists- (1) 20FCR
Sandstorm Treks- (0,40-70P) 20FHR (10-15 Strength and Vitality)
Arachnid's Mesh- (1) 20FCR
Chains of Honor- (2, 65) (20 Strength)
2x Stone of Jordan- (2)
Harlequin Crest Shako- (2, 0, 2)
Spirit Monarch- (2, 35)35FCR, 55FHR (22 vitality)

Sorceress Hellfire Torch- (3, 15+, 15+)
9x Cold skill grand charms- (9)
Annihilus- (1, 15+, 15+)
5-10x 5% Resist All Small Charms- (0, 25-50)
5-10x 5% Faster Hit Recovery- (25-50 FHR)

Call to Arms- (1)
Spirit Monarch

Cold skills- 47(48 with Battle Command)
Faster Cast Rate- 95
All Resistances- 160 (185-210 with Small Charms)
Faster Hit Recovery- 75(100-125 with Small Charms)

Mercenary: (Defensive Aura)
Ethereal Fortitude
Ethereal Chains of Honor

Ethereal Infinity (Colossus Voulge)
Ethereal Breath of the Dying

Ethereal Dream Helm
Dream Helm

NOTE: I don't really advise that you waste your time on this; when you die he dies, therefore it will cost you a lot just to get him. If your thinking about using this guide for PvM just ignore this.

Ahh the only reason for this guide, its a skill. Its all about reading your opponent and attacking before he can. And of course not doing stupid stuff.

I'm not going to divide this into the strategies against types of duel characters, just melee and casters.

NOTE: 99% of most public sorceress duelers die from stupid just be smart with the skill.

Frost Nova Style dueling:

Casters:I really depends on if they are the predators or if you are. If your that aggressive type then charge at them with frost nova once you land near them. Teleport every time you feel your about to die. For non-aggressive types just cast Blizzard on YOU and when they Teleport to you just spam Frost Nova.

NOTE:If a melee character has Enigma, just count them as a Caster/melee if hes always chasing you.

Melee:Aggressives just teleport close enough so that the frost nova hits them but they need to talk to hit you, just run when they get close and repeat. Non-aggressives just cast blizzard on you and spam when they are near enough so you don't get hit.

NOTE: Don't bother fighting Druids. Because of their Cyclone Armor, you won't be able to hurt them enough before they win the duel....or at all.

Orber style dueling:

Casters: Just get close enough to orb then then run and repeat. If your going against another orber just run and orb behind you.

Melee: Just go close but not in their face close, just enough so you can get a orb on them and run and repeat.

Frost Nova/Blizzard/orb style dueling:
I'm leaving this blank because frankly I haven't made mine because I don't have the gear for it. I will post this later when I do make her.

Got questions?
Just private message me and I'll try to answer them.