cheeseydin or zealot?


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cheeseydin or zealot?

Since I Patted my WW druid, I really want to get at least one for each class now.

I have finished (1.10): couple of MA assassins (C/S and C/C), 1 strafer/MA/LF zon, 1 guardian fishy, 1 concentrate barb, 1 thrower barb, 1 WW druid (1H)

And I have a tri-element sorc slowly going (only A2 normal)

So which pally should I start? a cheeseydin or some kind of zealot?

I personally like melee, or fast hit build, but really hate IM curse.

Pro - cheesey, no worry about IM curse
Con - I think I will belong to the group who cannot aim the little hammer. :eek:

Pro - fast melee
Con - no counter IM skills, need special weapon for PIs


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Go with cheesy - i thought myself that i'll never master the aiming, but now ( as he hit the 89 lvl ) and after may be an hour or so - its subconsious - you reposition him without even thinking. Its not that hard ( except for the Maggot Lair :) ).


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You should make a zealot IMO. Cheeseys are so easy to "raise" that you can always do one when you have a little spare time, while Zealots are especially fun, but sometimes hard to "raise", especially in act 4, because of the dreaded Iron Maiden curse.
Gogo Zealot!


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I'd choose Hammerdins...they are different, and sound fun and powerful..Have played a lot of melee builds and they are kind of the same thing over and over.
in the whole game, there are only 3 areas where OB knights can spawn. CS, lvl 3 WSK and throne of destruction, and only 1 of them is guareenteed to have them. I think that especially playing SC, i wouldnt mind playing a zealot given the small amount of IM that will be castr on me during the whole game.
And n00badins are teh suxx0r.


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Go Zealot!
btw, Passion+charge to the OKs makes life with IM quite OK... at least if there are no regular knights pounding on you.