Check out the Absorbadin


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Check out the Absorbadin

After facing uber diablo with a friend i changed this level 74 paladin from a fanatic avenger to an absorbadin. The great thing about being an absorbadin is he is very survivable in hell, although untested vs uber diablo. i think a normal zealot would make a better absorbadin then an fanatic avenger.

Gear is:
helm-blackthorns (+20 light absorb and prevent monster heal)
Armour-Shaftstop (damage reduce) Clean
Belt- T-gods (+20 lightning absorb + to dex/str)/ Snowclash (+15 cold absorb)
Glove- Hellforge (+15 fire absorb) (optional)
Boots- Sandstorm trek (poison res)
Ammy- Rising Sun (+54 to fire absorb)
Ring1-Ravenfrost (20% cold absorb, ar, cbf)
Ring2-RavenFrost (more cold absorb) (will change when i get ideal shield)
Wep- Lightsaber (+20 lightning absorb) 40% ed jewel
Shield-Radaments Sphere (poison res)
Ideal Shield-Blackcloak Luna (+0-61 cold absorb (level based), 50% faster block rate)

that has 60 lightning absorb, 69 fire absorb, and 40 cold (likely to be 74 with ideal shield), with high poison res
i use holy shield to boost blocking so shield choice doesn't matter as much. Only problem is no life leech so i use venom grip most the time but its still a problem.

Any thoughts, comments, or suggestions?


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For uber D all you need is fire absorb. Use 2x dwarf stars/rising sun and his firestorm will heal you like a super healling potion, only twice as fast. Should be even more effective wtih high fire resist.

Gloves, go life tap.. dracul's all the way!

Aura, if you have bad ar for him, use conviction or blessed aim. Most of your damage against him will come from crushing blow anyway.


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yeah i know but this char is for going all over hell and also he owns sorcs pretty fast in pvp.


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-Quill- said:
Witch_Hammer is the godliest of all resist & absorb charge/smite pallies on USEast Ladder.
Ultimate Absorbing is impossible but you can get way closer then ur current settup allows.

With your listed gear I calculated the following:

Fire Absorb: + 0% ; +69
Cold Absorb: +40% ; +0-61 (+45 at lvl72)
Lightning: +25% ; +40

I'm discussing purely in the context of PvP:

You look pretty good for cold and lightning but you're gonna get toasted by fire. I assume you will stack resists using charms (or you can make a 4pdiamond shield with 100+ resist all). Your max resists is currently capping out at 75%. Shaft is overrated. If you're gonna go absorber, go with Guardian Angel. If you still want dmg reduction, switch to an umed SS. (I don't know if you want to include dmg reduction as an absorber but I find it not to be so important)

Switch out your boots for Waterwalks. This brings your resists to 95%/90%/95%/90%. Stacking poison resist isn't so important.

I'm gonna tell you now that that LS + Tgods and 95% resists is going to good enough for any straight lightning damage. The only instances where you will have problems is with conviction or lower resists. But you will be stacking resists so thats fine.

Replace Blackhorn's with Grizwold Corona. This gives you +18 cold absorb at lvl72. You need to do this because you will probably want to switch out Luna for SS if you still want dmg reduction. Thats ok since you got 40% absorb, meaning you only need to straight absorb 20% of dmg AFTER resists. SS helps you stack cold resists. If you can stack enough resists to keep at 90%, you should be fine.

So what we have left is still a problem with fire. Even 10k fireballs will still do 83dmg after resists and PvP penalty. You are only absorbing 69 dmg. This is where you are stuck and I have never figured out how do balance between adequate fire and cold absorb. The only way to absorb high fire is to switch out ravenfrosts for dwarfs. I'm thinking that if you use Blackoak Luna, you can go 1 raven and 1 dwarf. This isn't going to make you immune to the top cold/fire damage but it will give you better balance.

You just need to play around with it.


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Wierd thing about fire is when i face venom lords and they inferno me my life orb goes up. like when i went to kill izual and i hit a blackwall beside him, those inferno using venom lords saved me.

Biggest problem after life leech is those gloams with their lightning shots.

And i don't do much dueling, and i'm not that rich because my mf sorc isn't bringing in the goods.

PS: made some mistakes on the absorb stuff for the gear.

Gloves: Hellforge (15% fire absorb)
Wep: Lightsaber (25% lightning absorb)