check out my mdl druid.


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check out my mdl druid.

Hey guys. Just halfway finished making my lvl 32 fury druid.

248% coldsteel eye. (going to 15 max this)
45 max damage breast plate(going to go for 45 max light plate with 70 life)
45 max +3 fury pelt(going for more + skills and 45 max)
angelics rings and ammy
whitstans with 15 max
15% string.

a lot of max damage smalls/larges/grands
3 grandcharms with 30 of light/cold/fire resist with life/str/dex
12-15 life scs.

I hit a little above 1k fury with this build, with 50% deadly strike. Pretty sure I hit 9/5/5/5/5 fury. and I have 2k life.

Anyone see improvments I could make anywhere? What ya think about this build?


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Always wanted to make a lower lvl druid but need to stock up more on max damage charms. Might want to look into a 6shaeld range 5 2h wpn for casters. Otherwise looks nice


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Merciless Cutlass of Swiftness (Shael Shael). Only weapon to hit 4 frame fury at level 30. You could drop two levels, look sexier, and have way more style points. I've actually found one of these before but I only got one socket (almost casterated myself).

Personally for most duels I'd ditch the angelics and get a +2 shapeshifting amulet with +life and use two SoJs. A +2 shapeshifting circlet with 30% FRW and +life would be gravy with two sockets.. You hve no CBF just to be noted. It doesn't affect wolves attack speed but if you plan on chasing casters, I suggest getting something that has CBF.

The only problem I hve with 32 is where do you stop? Why not go to 34 and use Guillam's Face and then why don't you go to 38 for Shaftstop? Atleast at 30 you're still considered low.


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Forgot to mention that this is HC ladder.

I prebuff with a +1 all ammy, spirit shroud, spirit sword, sig shield.

lvl 32 is for the waterwalks.


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I have an ethereal Ginthers Rift which is pretty sexy, since it self repairs you can throw in a shael :) --does same damage & speed as azure, just less bonuses :)

I think you'd have to gain a couple levels though : /


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The damage isnt the good thing about coldsteel its the 50% deadly strike. So for each fury cycle 2.5 of my hits do Double the damage. Only thing I am doing to upgraded weapon is finding a close to perf eth one :)


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Updated him a bit. Got my 3 socket light plate with 70 life. 15 max jewels in it.

A whole bunch of +3 max sc's and +6 max larges.

I hit for 1.3k fury and 50% deadly strike now while maintaining max block and 2k life with no oak! :)


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nice man, sounds good. never made a lld or mld before, I assume your dueling with friends so that they can loot your corpse for you?


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No wheres the fun in that? Join normal baal runs and challenge anyone lvl 35 and up.
Play around in norma games and wait for a pker to come in and hostile you. Go out and kill it.
Or just find normal lld games.

Sure friends spar but we dont go to the death.