Cheap one hander for Werewolf


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Cheap one hander for Werewolf

Hi guys.. I know many people will suggest ebotdBA or griefpb for werewolf's one hander weapon..

I want to ask that for the less fortunate one.. any good unique weapon?

I haf some on list Fleshrender --> nice effect

Light sabre --> good speed

Are they good? or any suggestion?

Thank ^^


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My favorite weapons before i was able too get grief or ebotdz were a Shaeled Death cleaver and a Shaeled Baranar Star.

Both are very effective.


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Yah light saber would be good too just put a shael or a 15 ias jewel in it and it will be same speed as Grief pb and ebotdz.

Id deffinatly use Light saber over a fleshrender.


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although it is not unique, runeword oath is very chaep and great for fury (highest rune is mal). Make it in ethereal cryptic sword (range 2) or ethereal scourge (range 3) and you'll have small botd.


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good cheap options also should be mentioned Baranars star still (shaeled)

it's ultra cheap, fairly quick, and has elemental damage

it's the best 1 handed bargain basement option imo


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Ok im here Ill list all of the 1 handers off.

Razors edge base speed 0 +40% ias.

Cranebeak base speed -10 +40% ias

Nord's tenderizer base speed -10 +25% ias I would sheal it.

B-star base speed +10 50% ias

Horizon's Tornado base speed -10 50% ias

Stormlash base speed -10 30% ias

Djinn Slayer base speed -20 needs 2 socts with double sheals.

Lightsaber base speed -30 20% ias sheal it

Azurewrath base speed -30 30% ias

Set if you feel like you want it.

Griswold's Redemption -10 40% ias 4 socts makes it core 4fps fury.

Sazabi's Cobalt Redeemer base speed -10 40% ias I would honestly ohm it before I would sheal it. Because it has that dumb 150% ed. And its not worth a 40/15% or 40/+15 max

All in all I have not personly tested all of these weapons. So your getting a half butted list. But it is a good list to go from.

Also I would personly say that you should go with 2 handed weapons when using poor man weapons becasue the damage is at least good.

Clay bizzle

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I've found and tried Horizon's Tornado, Stormlash (shael it!), and Azurewrath. All pretty sweet PvM weapons, especially Stormlash for crushing blow and static field against bosses, and Azurewrath against undeed.