Chart of all the various armors?


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Chart of all the various armors?

I need to make a couple runeword armors for my zon and paladin. But I can't find the chart that shows what each class looks like wearing each armor.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Like the X column is the 7 classes, and the Y column is the 10 different armor designs or whatever the number is. Sort of like a spreadsheet, and each cell is a screenshot of a certain class/armor combo.

Please help, I can't have my zon running around in ugly armor. I'm leaning towards wire fleece, but I need to know for sure. This is important stuff.

edit: dammit, now I find it!

(sorry mods, feel free to delete thread or whatever lol)


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Re: Chart of all the various armors?

There is one, I found it by searching google. Its on some german website.