charms for ww barb


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charms for ww barb

Hey I recently made a ww barb. This is his equip:

Weapon: Eth BoTD Berzerker Axe
Shield: "Um" SS
Helm: "Cham" Arreats
Gloves: Ik Gaunts
Boots: Gores
Armor: Enigma wrymhide or archon plate
Amulet: Angelic ammy
Ring1: Angelic ring
Ring2: Angelic ring or Ravenfrost
Belt: Vergondos

I have a few questions. Should I use warcry charms, mastery charms, or 3/x/x? Also should I use 2 angelic ammys or one angelic with one ravenfrost. I really like the cbf and the dex on the raven but is that ar from angelic that important? If I use a raven I could switch my arreats for an eth zodded arreats. Or should I put a 40/15 max instead? I heard they were bugged some how.

Thanks :drink:


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If this is for PVM, then I don't think all of the "Angelic" jewelry is the way to go. Kind of a bummer that you have no ED in your helm or shield. WW has no synergies, so I think fine/sharp charms are the way to might even get more out of res charms if it allowed you to put an ed jewel into your shield. I am not a PVP player.


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Ayoko is right, your best bet are 3/xx/xx charms, and ed/str jewels would be better for your helm and shield. Unless this is for pvp, angelic isn't so important, so you could run something like Highlords, Raven, and something else, which would mean you could get another arreat's and put a better jewel in it.

And yes, ed/max jewels are bugged/nerfed so they don't work correctly in armor/helms/shields, so there is no point using them; use ed/str instead.



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for baba?
10x 6 max/5 str lcs
19x 3/xx/life sc
1x annihilus

mass damage, decent life

also, keep 40x 5 all res/life charms in the stash for elementals rofl


p.s. dont use raven with a chamed arreats. 15-20 dex< *+some huge number to AR*. just pump dex for a few lvls, and your block% will be fine but remember to watch it carefully and don't overassign those points