Charm keeper?


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Charm keeper?

I was rolling for skillers and got this combination. The level requirement is high so it seems somewhat rare. I'm guessing a melee druid with oaksage or a barbarian would be best for it. But, is it a keeper at all or should I keep rolling?

Steel Grand Charm of Vita
Keep in Inventory to Gain Bonus
Required Level: 69
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 86
Fingerprint: 0xf01e56e
+37 to Life
+124 to Attack Rating

Eilo Rytyj

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oh, it's a keeper alright.

The max AR on GCs is 134 IIRC, that thing comes mighty close. The highest Life is 45 too, only available on a Baal GC.


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thats pretty nice. i had a 42 life 97 ar gc once with level 83 req. i traded it for an ist, not sure if i got ripped off or not.

Dr Phil

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Keep it if you need it, trade it for some high runes if you don't, but it's a decent GC yeah.


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To get a good idea of the price, you can always post for a Price Check in the Trades Value forum, or put it up for sale on public Bnet in a trading room.


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the charm is from single player , he can trade it over at the single player trading forum though :smiley:


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I found a charm that had 127 AR just recently and tossed it, didn't know it was worth something :(


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I think it's the combination that makes it valuable, not just the near max ar, but that combined with high life. Then again, I'm in classic so I know nothing about charms. I just know that would be the way it works with rings.
A ring of chance (up to 25% magicfind) is amusing, but worthless.
While a Fortuitous ring of chance which has more then 35 MF is very valuable indeed.