Charm help!


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Charm help!

I need some expert help here.

My main question is, where are the best areas where monsters will naturally drop +skill charms?

This question is complex and I didn't have the skill to figure it out. It requires both finding out what areas drop these charms naturally well as well as what the correct monster level would be.

Now I did do some basic research, I read the charms guide and magic item generation guide in the sticky at the top of this forum.

While the charms guide is very helpful in telling you where to find Ilvl 50 charms for cubing (act 3 nightmare), I quickly realized that you would be required to cube Ilvl 50 charms to get the +skill mod. The item generation thread tells you that when the game is trying to get a mod on an item dropped a monster, that Ilvl is only partially used in the affix generation. The other part depends on the qlvl of the item. The example used in that thread showed that level 45 pindleskin dropping a small charm will only have an affix level of 31, even though the Ilvl is 45.

Thus it seems to me that even if you do kill the level 50 monsters to get an Ilvl 50 charm, that those charms will never ever have the +skill tab naturally. You could cube them because the cube formula only uses the Ilvl to determine the affix level, and 50 is the alvl at which +skills begin to appear.

So I was wondering if any expert or someone with the magicsuffix.txt (I'm not technically good enough to figure out how to get a copy of this file) could figure out for me what level monster could naturally drop a charm with +skills. It would have to be higher than 50 obviously, but by how much? You'd have to do some calculations based on the qlvl of a grand charm compared to the Ilvl....

I would also like to the know the frequency of the +skill tabs, and in general the frequency of the prefix/suffixes to see how hard it is to get the +skill tab.

Edit: one more thing, what exactly is the affix level for those high level small charm elemental damages? Reading the charm thread puts them at ivl94 for pestilent and stuff, but looking on the arreat summit places these charms at **. Who's correct?


The best area's and monster's chances of dropping charms capable for cubing skiller charms is Hell Baal in my opinion.


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To rephrase my question, I want to know the bare minimum area where +skills will drop naturally. I don't want to know where the bare minimum area where cubeable charms are, because I have found that information.

Cubeable charms only rely on Ilvl to produce their suffix/prefix, but the natural mods when it first drops off a monster are lower because it depends on qlvl. While late nightmare act 3 will drop ilvl 50 charms for cubing, those charms apparently according to the information I've seen will never spawn naturally, because the qlvl is subtracted from the ilvl. So you'd have to find a higher level place. What level, exactly? Would nightmare cows be sufficient?


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I havn't cubed any skill charms yet, but going over the few i have from normal gameplay (about 5 or 6 i think).

The lowest item level is 57.


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Wow, I found a really nice affix calculator. It shows you what affixes will spawn for various circumstances (cubing vs monster dropping). So the qlvl of a grand charm is 1.

Ok cool so because the qlvl of a grand charm is 1, this doesn't subtract from the ilvl at all since it's probably rounded down. Level 50 monsters then are capable of dropping skillers without you cubing them! Time to make some sort of fun character like a hurricane/armegeddon druid to farm them =D

I also found the answer to my pestilent question. While the affix level is **, the ilvl has to be 94 because of the 2x ilvl-99 formula to get the alvl.

I was mistaken when I read the charm/item generation guides; the qlvl applies to the item whether or not you cube it or the monster drops it. It makes no difference. It's just that grand charms have a qlvl of 1 so it makes no difference in the alvl, but small charms have a qlvl of 28 so it affects the formula until ilvl 84, at which point a different equation is used.


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Another thing is that skillers with a +life suffix are most wanted. If you will hunt in areas where only ilvl 50 GCs can drop, the maximum life you can get on a GC is 30.
from ilvl 61 maxlife = 35
from ilvl 77 maxlife = 40
from ilvl 91 maxlife = 45

Because there are not much prefixes with required ilvl > 50, the chance for a skiller isn't much lower from a high level charm. (it's around 1:22 for ilvl 50 GC and 1:23 for ilvl 99 GC)

I myself hunt skillers in Lower Kurast chest runs (ilvl 80) and cube the charms from Baal himself (ilvl 99)


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Cool thanks Hrus. Myself I'm just wanting to get 10 of each skiller without regards to +life, I'm not that obsessive yet. If I wanted big life skillers I'd definitely go for Lower Kurast and Baal runs. Quick question Hrus does popping super chests at higher player count make any difference? I think I can notice it making a difference with normal ones but the super ones always drop so much I can't tell if the /players 8 helps it or not.


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Good place to look for skillers is nm travincaal council ...they seem to drop tons of charms ...hell trav council gets much better:rolleyes: