Chargesin vs. Trapsin.


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Chargesin vs. Trapsin.

I started a chargesin because of two reasons:
- I keep reading the trapsin is deadweight in hell
- Martial arts is a powerful tree

So far, im lvl 26 and it isn't that bad. Just a little hard getting used to all the hotkeying of the charge-ups. However, everytime i log on, I can't help miss the great fun I had with the trapsin.
So here is my question, should I just stick to my chargesin a little more? Do they get really fun once you get used to them?
The trapsin, I love them, but are they really that horrid in hell? Should I just go with my passion for a trapsin?


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I used to play with a C/C Phoenix Striker a lot and I really love that build. Max PS and CoT. Put some points in Tiger Strike if u need more damage. Use CoS for crowd control, BoS for extra speed and Cobra Strike if u need immediate life/mana. I also got 1 point in Death Sentry (it comes in handy esp. in Baal runs).
I'm not trapsin specialist but I believe it can be viable in hell as well. Anyway I reckon u'll have much more fun with chargesin if u get used to it. It need a lot of key switching though.


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Trapsins will have an easier time in hell, MAsin is fun because of the challange rather then her power. I say why not do both? Well start with the MAsin because she's more unique, trappers are everywhere.

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Trapsins have immunes to deal with in hell, But they have a few ways to deal with them effectively though. Max either Fireblast or Shadow Master, An Infinity on your merc (If you can afford one), And as soon as you get a kill throw down some Death Sentry's and they'll drop fast. :cool:

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play with both of them. i like trapsins because they dont require that much concentration and so i dont need to look at the screen as much.

looking at the screen too long makes my eyes hurt XD