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:thumbsup: I decided to take a break from my usual barbarians and start two paladins. One is going to be a zealot (based on Cyrus's build) and I was thinking maybe a charger for the other. My problem is that after searching here and the paladin forum, I was unable to find a decent guide. Any help would be cool. :)


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Not many people that I know of make Chargers, 'cause they're buggy.

But if I were to make one, it'd look like this:

Strength: Enough to wear equip.
Dexterity: Enough for block.
Vitality: All extras
Energy: None

20 Charge
20 Vigor
20 Might
20 Fanatacism
Rest into Holy Shield

Perhaps, you could put one into Redemption, and the res auras, too.


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What about doing both at the same time? Meaning max Charge, synergies & Fanat and 4+ points in Zeal & 1+ in HS. I have one of these in NM. It's fun with a big hurty stick. Maybe shield and 1-handed weapon on switch if you don't like zealing two-handed.


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I took a charger to act 4 hell in a tourny but never got round to finishing him.

Skillwise you pretty much have 2 options:

1: Max damage route - Max Charge & its synergies. This gives you big hurty damage, but you could get in trouble vs PI's and in narrow places where you don't have the room to charge (Maggot Lair anyone?)
Oh - A few in fanaticism don't hurt either ;)

2: Balanced damage route - Max either charge and one of its synergies,or max the synergies with just the 1 in charge. I don't have the #'s in front of me to see which is more effective. This still gives pretty decent damage, plus you have points spare to sink in either vengeance (no more PI probs) or zeal (maggot lair)
You'd probably still want to use fanaticism here.

For a merc I went with might (I was going for max dmg) but A HF merc would slow things down a lot and make it easier to line em up for a charge.

For equipment you obviously want a big hurty weapon (who needs block when you're doing 10k+ dmg a hit)
You can always charge away before the monster gets ints counter-swing in anyway.
Try to get something with a smaller range to you can charge at things that are near you - polearms have nice damage, but 1/2 the time you can't charge with them as enemies tend to be in normal attack range.
I was using heart carver for a while as it was the highest damage weapon I had, and it worked really well.


Pinball anybody?
Charge into monster pack, charge out at random monster, charge back in...try to separate the monsters into individual groups so you can bounce your way around :)

I had a great time with the build - only problems i ran into were PI's as I didn't have enough elemental dmg to take care of them.
Just for kicks I equipped mine with an ethereal hellslayer (~1k max dmg) I had laying around just to see what the damage was like.
I can't remember the #'s, but with max charge & synergies, max fanaticism and a high level might merc it was pretty insane.
Even better once I tripped that combat shrine too :D

Good luck :)


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Thx. I decided on charger cause i'd heard the damage reached ridiculous amounts. this is gonna be fun. i'll keep you posted. :D


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i made a two handed titan charger once, hell of a lot of fun but getting really tough in late hell :)

skills pretty straighforward, max charge and synergies, max fana. max strength :D


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Watch for charge bugs though, one of them freeze you, another completely disable charge, and need to restart game. (something to do with blocking, so you can probably avoid it if you go two handed.


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wouldn't maxing concentration give you more damage? I am going to start a charger up soon and i was going to use conc as my aura as you don't need the IAS from fanat


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That makes sense. But Fanatacism would help your merc a lot more since he'll have more IAS.

If you want a as much damage as possible, go ahead and do Concentration as your main aura.


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And also Fanaticism gives you more damage than Concentration, and also gives an AR boost.
Fanaticism Matches Concentration at damage by skill level 6, and overtakes it at skill level 7.