Charger equipment issues.


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Charger equipment issues.

Hello people, I’m having a lot of doubts about the precise gear my Full Charger Palladin should use. I definitely aim for 1 hit KOs so the most important thing of all should be damage and AR.

Currently, Iron_Wrath is at lvl 89 and uses the following:

Medium Grief PB (and for fun an EBOTD warpike with above 1300 mx dmg)
COH Mainly for resists and +skills
Draculs (But I REALLY want to get Steelrends)
Andys (But I REALLY want to get COA)
Metalgrid / Angelic
Dual Ravens / Angelic + Ravens
Thundergods (too many trappers, light sorcs and FOHERs out there) / string of ears.
Gore riders (mainly for Crushing blow)


5 BO HOTO and Spirit.

Shield…. Well this is the main question. ¿What should I use?. I have an Uped, ber socketed HoZ and it works wonders. However, I switch to a stormshield with Dmg reduction witch works better on WWbarbs or other melee builds when I’m forced to smite.

So the thing is… ¿what about almanegra? That shield is not very popular but seems to me it has sexy stats, specially AR and Damage. If I ever got COA and can “ber it up†I’ll no longer be in so bad need for dmg reduction and resists from the other shields….What do you guys think?

Another issue is crushing blow. That's why I want Steelrends, but is it worth it using that set helm (i dont remember the name) just for a little more CB chance?

One last thing… Charms. I’m not rich enough to go for combatskillers, but ¿should a charger get life sc or AR and/or damage charms?

thanx a lot 4 ur time

Von Lazuli

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Ok... the stuff you really want to get is stupid... ok COA might be nice, but a good Ber'd Rockstopper beats it on a low Str Charger (which yours should be unless you decide to use upped HOZ).
Swap the Dracs for Bloodfists, the Dracs offer NOTHING to your build (yey... Open wounds on a 2k PvP damage hit...).

Swap your Metal Grid for a Highlords. Deadly Strike is your friend. The rest looks pretty good, but you could probably use a Verdungos instead of the String of Ears. Take the HoZ all the time, use non-upped if you go low strength, upped if you aim for COA. DR should be ok, as should resists, so maybe keep both an Um'd HoZ and a Ber'd one (Ber Rockstopper + CoH + Verdungos Ber Hoz= 49DR).

For your charms, AR/max Charms are about 8 times better than Combats. Combats do next to nothing for you.

Oh, and compared to your insane damage, Crushing Blow is useless in PvP.