Charged Boltress/orber or meteorber?


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Charged Boltress/orber or meteorber?

She's only lvl 83, but I'm not 100% satisfied with my meteorber. She's been a great MFer but I'm trying to use her to rush Hell forges and the going gets pretty slow by the time I hit the Durance. Far too many areas with fire and cold immunes mixed together as well as enemies with both immunities. It doesn't seem like I see as many enemies with cold/lightning immunity, but that could be mere perception derived from the grass always being greener.

So have any of you used both? Which did you prefer overall? I like the that a Charged Boltress/Orber can use her two primary attacks simultaneously.


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I had a meteorb for pvm and later turned her into a mfer and now shes retired as a mule. She was doing fairly well but my cs/light/orbtress is just more fun and also really effective. I dont know which one will be more effective compared to eachother because I didnt bother getting full gear (lots of skillers etc) for my meteorb but Ive obtained it for my light/cold sorc and shes doing great in hell.


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Meteorber all the way :)
They make extremely good rushers, mfers, and can solo baal with ease.
Suggested setup is:

-Shako (P topaz)
-Fathom (Cold facet)
-Chains of Honour
-Maras kaleidoscope
-Stormshield (-15 req 15 prismatic jewel)
-Arachnid web
-2 x SoJ
-Fully up'd magefists
-Ethereal sandtrek/War trav

Merc should use
-Chains of honour/Up'd shaft
-Andariels visage

And for skills:
20 orb, 1 cold mastery, 1 shiver armour
1 teleport, 1 static
20 firebolt, 20 fireball, 20 meteor, 1 warmth and rest mastery

At lvl 90 with a couple of fire-skillers you will easily hit 10k+ fireball, 700+ orb.
With this andariel goes down in around 2 fireballs and you can mf almost anywhere.
You only need lvl 1 cold mastery because with + to skills it will hit around lvl 10 (-65 IIRC) and then with infinity most monsters will have -100 cold resist and like -70 fire resist.

Infinity is great because it removes a lot of immunities so only a handful of bosses will be completely immune to you i.e. Cold/Fire immune Lister, but with static + merc even these guys should go down fast.


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Hmm... yeah, tried the charged boltress orber out and I'm liking it for the fact that I don't seem to be running into as many dual immunes that cause me problems but the bolts aren't really racking up the kills like I was hoping. I also went with maxing CB first so orb is kind of weak. CB also tends to be dangerous because you really need to get in close for it to do serious damage. I'll keep going though. Maybe with a couple skillers I'll like it more. If I could afford Infinity, heck I'd try all kinds of weird stuff out. No need to max synergies with that thing. I'll bet it would even make Nova hell viable. Then you could afford to drop a full 20 into thunderstorm for kicks.


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Well, if you wan't to be a fast killer with Charged Bolt you have to get very close to te enemy. So don your most protective gear. The boltress doesn't have the luxury option of standing back and nuking.

Still, what they do to act bosses is simply scary. Spearazons should know the drill.


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Indemaijinj said:
Well, if you wan't to be a fast killer with Charged Bolt you have to get very close to te enemy.
Lies. My charged boltress stands happily over one screen away and fries the minions of hell. With correct gear and technique you don't need to teleport up front and personal.


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i use charged bolt/fire ball....i do 500 bolt/5 k fire ball. Just lvl my merc now... it works pretty good.