Charged bolt sorc


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Charged bolt sorc

Anyone ever made one i remember them from when i played like a year ago, will they do dmg that is even considerable when you lvl em up?


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You havent made Charged Bolt Sorceress yet you claim that a Charged Bolt Javazon is better. **** Genius Alert**** [sarcasm]

Did you you read the stats, son? A Sorceress can spam charged bolts faster then a Javazon can, and has the luxery of being at a reasonable distance. Charged bolt at high levels also carries 600-700 minimum damage and around 700 max. Now I dont know about you but that adds up to a lot of potential damage and with the damage varrying FAR less over time, it would be a much better skill. IMO, but at least I've looked up the numbers.


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Charged Boltress are incredible fun and quite viable with enough +skills and such. I'm using:
20 Charged Bolt
20 Lightning
20 Lightning Mastery
20 Frozen Orb
1 Cold Mastery

Right now and it's great fun, you'll most definetely need Frozen Orb to slow and handle LIs. The beautiful part about this build is it's an incredible early game leveler due to Charged Bolt being a level 1 skill. :)


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Charged boltress doesn't work without high end gear or lots of +skills.

I tested a charged boltress with griffons eye, eldritch orb, ormus robes, kokomal shield, arach mesh, 7 lightning skill charms and frozenorb did a faster job of killing enemies than charged bolt (i have or can purchase this gear on ladder so twinking isnt a problem). This char could solo hell baal in players 2 but it took a while and used frozen orb alot of the time just to slow enemies down as it just wasn't killing fast enough, and that is with godly twinked gear (no facets).

"Charged bolt at high levels also carries 600-700 minimum damage and around 700 max" lol. how about you make a char and see how high it gets, the char i tried had a max of 530 per bolt.

If you get right up close to an enemy and it takes all the charged bolts it works great but you die extremely quickly if you do that, staying at a distance means the charged bolts dont all hit the target so it takes alot longer to kill.


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In my experience with a charged boltress you static a few times to bring them down, run back a lil bit then click at the edge of the screen towards the monsters. Charged bolt works like a zon's multi as the farther you click from yourself the closer the bolts will be. . .in 09 BEFORE synergies she took down hell cows in players 8 with I think 6-7 casts. . .without static being cast. Now hell cows don't exactly die easily :xmad:


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I was planning to do a charged boltress.

I have done her but now that she's level 80, it seems to me i used Lightning and chain lightning more than Charged bolts. But it's pretty funny.

I dont have good +skills items for now so my bolts are doing close to 400 damage each. (24 bolts) i'm guessing that with bolts over 550 damage, it would be pretty effective. But again... having cb at 550 damage would mean that my lightning damage would go from 5-12k to what... 8-20-25k? Again, Lightning and Chain Lightning would still be more attractive. But anyways, charged bolts and lightning are synergies so you dont lost points trying it :)


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Lightning and Chain lightning are better skills than charged bolt, although messing around with charged bolt can be fun. CL is amazingly powerful against large packs with enough +skills and -enemy lightning resists.