Charge/Holy Shield bug details, please


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Charge/Holy Shield bug details, please

I understand that when Holy Shield wears off in the middle of a Charge that the latter becomes locked until exiting. What causes it, and is the theory below somewhat accurate? (I included full spellings for search purposes, as I found no obvious thread in the first five pages I checked.)

When HShield is cast the character enters a cast animation and subsequently maintains an attack stance, even in town. If I understand correctly, this applies for other things cast in town, as well, such as Summon Spirit Wolves from a Crescent Moon. The difference is HShield wears off and triggers a second into-attack-stance animation which, if it occurs mid-Charge, conflicts with Charge's animation, prevents the routine from ending properly, and thus it can't be restarted. Not quite an infinite loop kind of thing, but I'm not sure if that's happening, either.

A way to test this may be a coding bypass for the character animation at the end of HShield, allowing only the shield graphic to be removed, and constantly Charging with a SLvl1 HShield, however this doesn't explain why this bug suddenly crept up (I never recognized it pre-.10) or why people keep suggesting using a SLvl1 HShield with a Crusader or variant, whether in dueling or otherwise. If I'm wrong about any of this, including the pre-.10 bit, I'd like to know soon, as I'm planning and currently in the middle of building several hybrids using Charge. Thanks, in advance.