Character transfer?


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Character transfer?

Hiya folks, and thanks in advance for all the help.

Does anybody know if it's possible to transfer a character from the Battle.Net servers to your computer? I really don't care if they can't play in the realms anymore, I just want my boys (and girls) to have access to the juicy SP & Ladder-only cube recipes.


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Sorry, but that isn't possible I'm afraid. If you want to continue your career on SP you can always use an Editor to recreate those characters from scratch if you can't find the time to do it the normal way.

Just don't get too friendly with those dang editors, they can quickly suck all the fun out of this wonderful game. :)


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I know for a fact it was possible in 1.09... Don't know if the program is still functional in 1.10... But that's the thing in a nut-shell. It requires a 3rd party program that is against the agreement you "Signed" when installing the game.

This forum doesn't condone hacks/cheats or anything similar and I'd have to tell you... that program is one. Many people have lost their accounts and/or cd-key over it.

You could always just play Ladder, acquire the items and use the recipes... then give them to your old boys and girls on your regular accounts. Of course this requires playing the game.

So sorry to tell you... Legally there's no way to get your Closed chars on SP.