character names...?

Spawn of God

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character names...?

hey really stumped. im making a cold sorc and i dont no wat to name her. usually i follow a theme thingy for example all my character names are something like Dark_(some cool sounding word)
i dont want the cool sounding word to have anything to do with cold sorc stuff, just a word these are the ones i have so far, to spark ideas:

Dark_Distortion (nl fb sorc)
Dark_Aether (l fb sorc)
Dark_Sunset (nl bone necro)
Dark_Vision (nl trap sin)
Dark_Midnight (nl foh pally)

right now she has the name Dark_Nightmare, but it doesnt sound right for some reason
leave ur ideas here plz


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If it's going to be a cold sorc, you could use a name that relates to the cold.

Just some quick suggestions:

Frost, Ice, Glacier, Snow, Winter, Artic, Freeze, Chill, Frozen, Cryo, Rime

Edit: In fact, if your on west, I might still have the name Snow, on a character that I'm not using, if you wanted it.

Edit 2: Er.. I just saw that your on east, dw :)

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You could always use name generators. I found a name generator that is supposedly the one used to make random champion monster names. I'd post the link but it isn't allowed.


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Just few more suggestions just in case you need 'em:

Frigid, Nippy, Glacial, Numbing, Wintry, Iced, Unheated, ColdHearted, ColdBlooded

My fav is ColdHearted.

Good luck naming your new sorc. :thumbsup:


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I usually just use the thesaurus to come up with some sweet sounding names. After attaching Turb to the beginning ;) :thumbsup:

Sokar Rostau

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All my characters have either full names or historical/mythological names. They're not always appropriate to the build but some are:

Sera_Braveblade - Palazon
Sokar_Rostau - Summoning nec (Ancient Egyptian lord of the Underworld)
Charles_Mardel - Hammerdin (Charles the Hammer, French guy)
Kasyra_Ashfist - Enchantress
Neb_Saba - Fury Wolf (Ancient Egyptian for Lord of Jackals)
Kyxha_Wrathbow - Mav zon
Keira_Swiftmark - Strafer
Arion_Curtfist - Barb
Grima_Broadaxe - Axe Barb
Tyla_Frostburn - Meteorb
Talia_Ravenclaw - MASin
Cayin_Wrathbone - Bonenec
Maralinga - Javazon (Australian place name (where they tested the nukes) meaning 'Fields of Thunder')
Uther_Pendragon - Frenzybarb (King Arthur's daddy)
Kyra_Quicksnare - Trapsin
Tor_Cleaveskull - Barb
Indiana_Bones - Nec mfer
Tor_Windweaver - Wind Dru
Kayla_Stormwind - Tri-Elementalist Sorc
Calo_Dreadsting - Poison Dagger Nec
Kya_Bleakspear - Spearazon
Kort_Throatrend - Wolf Dru
Kharn_Bonecrush - IK Barb
Kiye_Khaibit - Shadow skills asn (khaibit means shadow in Ancient Egyptian)
Ionas_Wrathbow - Storm Ranger
Simon_Magus - Nec
Ator-Firefist - Hydradin
Tyla_Stormweave - Lightning/FO Sorc
Serakwen - Palazon (bastardized Quenya for Bloodmaid (seregwen iirc))
Selqpeta - Venom Bowsin ('Scorpion Bow' in Ancient Egyptian)

And then I have mules with names like:
And lots with generic mythological (especially Ancient Egyptian) names.

I like giving my characters real names, it kind of lends them each a personality on the long road to Hell Baal.


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Black magic woman

All my sorcies have some witchy sounding name like Hecuba, Hecate, Tabitha, Samantha, or Sabrina (I know the last two are a stretch).


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A few of my very favorites:

ArmOf_Repentance (conc barb)
CKYRebel_Yell (bo slave)
Crooked_Step (mld charge pally)
Kun_Tzarfun (meteorb mf sorc)
Tenacious_Tesla (lf/cs javzon)
ArmyOf_Deception (skelly/bone hybrid nec)
Beastly_Auras (same nec build but with as many auras as possible by items)
DaPerfect_Storm (wind druid)

alot more but i cant think of any more here at work.