Character limits


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So for single player is the highest natural limit Hell mode? From what I read there is no uber bosses in single player mode.



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That is right! There is nothing beyond Hell mode - well, there are some more things to make gameplay harder:

1) the players X command. By typing

/players X

in the command console in game you can set the player setting to any number between 1 and 8 (=X). that boosts monster stats and drops to a player setting of X (unpartied players)

That command carries over if you S&E, but doesn't carry over between new launches of the game itself.

2) the various tournaments with different kind of restrictions you find in this forum (look in the stickies for recent tournaments)

Beware that there are certain mods out there that try to modulate the Ubers into single player mode - those mods are not allowed by the forum rules.

(and implementation is bad anyways AFAIK)

Other than that - welcome to the SPF :) Hope you stay around and check out some of the tournaments!


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Thanks. If it was just item sharing and Ubers that were added I might be interested. But it looks like they add higher levels, altered potions, new items and all that just off balances the game.