character idea


character idea

So i got bored of "standart" chars and decided to make new one. Martial arts only assasin. Well , almost . I decided to put one point into BoS, because i didn't saw any off them without it :D. This char is hardcore, and i twinked it heavilly, with all of my items , sacrifised all runes. All of them are end game :

Weapon : Firelizard
Shield : stormshield
Gloves : dracul's grasp
ring 1 : perfect raven frost
ring 2 : wisp projector
belt : perf string of ears
armor : archon plate chains of honor
amulet : highlords
boots : waterwalks maybe
charms : none

Skills :
1) pheonix strike - max
2) claws of thunder - max
3) blades of ice - max
4) fists of fire - max
5) what is left goes to tiger strike

Skills are listed in order in which they will be maxed in game . I just love second charge of pheonix strike , so i decided to max it second.

I wish that you guys would give me advices about my gear : shield , boots and amulet. Stormshield is best opinion , but is SO much strenght worth it ? Waterwalks and highlors both are quite good , but maybe someone has better ideas?

there are lots of MA sins out there. and your not even a purist. try only using martial art skills. but its defintiyl viable with some skill.


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Since you will end up using your charge ups more then your claws damage for your attacking power you need to keep your eye out for items that have +skills. The other thing you need is going to be IAS items to be faster.

If you have not started your build you may want to try it for a while with out BOS and see if you can live without it and be a purist.

I play a trapper with blade fury and I am trying not to place any pts in any other tree. I am tempted to place a few in the claw mastery or for a SW/SM but that defeats the purpose of being a single tree build.

Edit: looking again at your build you are trying for what they call an elementalist.


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I think it sounds good. Playing a hardcore melee character is a waste of CoH, IMO, but that's just me. :p Since you'll be hitting often and quickly, Gore Riders might provide some physical attack help if you want it. Natalya's boots give you good res and lots of FR/W as well. Highlord's is a great amulet, but something with res all might be more helpful in the long run--it looks like you might end up short on resistances if you don't have lots of res charms. Keep us updated on your progress. :)


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wildjinn said:
Playing a hardcore melee character is a waste of CoH, IMO, but that's just me. :p
Well, HC and CoH aren't exactly acronyms you find associated with each other on a regular basis. ;) :lol: