Char name awards


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Char name awards

I want to hold a competition of char names. These have to be chars that were played for at least 40 lvls by yourself or another Forumite. I'm thinking of the following categories:

- Funniest name (if these were the Oscars, this'd be the "Best Film" category)
- Name best fitting to char / particular build
- Weirdest name (not sure what qualifies as weird, just try it)
- Name with the best reference to book / movie

I'm not sure about that last category, it'd have to be a sneaky, clever kind of reference. Also if you want to suggest another category, feel free to do so.

Post your nominees in this thread. State the name, lvl and title of the char as well as the category for which the char should be nominated. Each char can only be nominated for one category. When no more nominations come forward I'll select the most likely winners and post them either here for discussion or in a seperate thread as a poll.

So nominate away and best of luck to everybody! :)

Edit: Forgot to mention: The winners'll get bragging rights. If anybody wants to donate price items those will also go to the winners.


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I have a couple of chars with interesting names, but I have no idea in which catagory they belong...
(Matriarch) Madamazone : Clvl 95 Hybrid zon, in her name 3 words are hidden, I'll tell you one of them: amazon. Try to find the others :)
(Champion) Lifius : Clvl 80 Skelliemancer, name was taken from Livius and now has a reference to life :)
(Patriarch) RagingFury : Clvl 78 WW druid, owner of alot of rare and lethal items in 1.09, but has been retired. His items included a Cruel Champion Axe of Swiftness and a Lionheart Archon Plate. Put him in the best fitting name catagory.

These don't count yet (Clvl 1 and 6), but I'll tell them anyway:
Meteora : MeteOrb sorc, reference to a Linking Park album as well: they share the same name.
JetteLee : obviously taken from Jet Lee and made it fitting for a female assassin.


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These names are pretty interesting, but I'm not sure they can win any prizes...except maybe Oberon.

Oberon is a pally that I ran for awhile and is my best shot at a good book reference. He's 52 and named after the Fairy King in "A Midsummer Night's Dream." You can attribute that to his running style if you like, but that was admittedly a hilarious side effect. :p *

Andor (50, exactly!) is a dual 2-handed barb named after the nation from the Wheel of Time series. It seemed appropriate, since I was going for a more finesse barbarian.

Nefertari is my assassin (83). She's my first expansion character, and first mat. Her name is that of an egyptian queen. For some reason, assassins just carry an Egyptian feeling with them.

Lessara is my sorc (also 83). I was not excited about making a sorc at first, so I named her "the lesser." She is now a hell meph runner and is basically the outfitter for my other characters.

That's it. The rest of my stable of characters is mostly full of mythology and silliness. (and is under 50. I get bored fast. :))

*I recognize this is not a PC comment. Please don't attack me for being anti-***, because I'm not. That's all for this footnote.


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So many names to choose from, the one I like best is one which I will rebuild in SP at some point, but for now he only lives on the (in)famous, and that would be Knekeltje. He's a level 70ty-something necromancer, focussing on poison & bone spells. The name means something like "little old bones" in old Dutch


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I submit Cytherene, my lvl76 Hybridzon. Her name is based on a vampire character I created ages ago (not for the V:tM game, for those auto-associating--different game). She's one of the fastest characters I've ever played, leaves no trace of her presence save for the bodies in her wake, specializes in the Leeches...even has her own set (or soon will, anyway - Cytherene's Silence, composed of her Goldskin, Vampire Gaze, and Cut-Throat)

BTW, correct pronunciation for her is "sith-er-een". :p


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Champion NailOfGod - My hammerdin. I don't know if this fits to the char type very well but I like it anyway. So in to the fitting name category he goes.

Patriarch Diable - My skellymancer. The name is actually from book but it sounds like a twisted Diablo and nobody has red the book (not even me :D) so this could go to the weirdest name category.

One suggestion to Huorn: I think that every name should be nominated for the best name or maby everyone should nominate one of their chars for the best name. If something fits for a character very well it would probably be high in the best name category.

Dr. Strangelove

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well, i named my char JohnMalkovich. he's the only v1.10 one, mostly due to a heavy lack of playable time in parenthesis. he's a lvl 76 "currently" throwbarb runefinder itemfinder amphibian look-a-like. why that name? boh... i don't know actually, i must have a hidden keen for hollywood, generically spoken. anyway, it concures for the prize of not-so-bright-minded picks of course. :teeth:

peace, NSK factory, and don't forget biscuits for smut


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I'd nominate her for Best Related Build-Name:

Fire Sorc, amiHOTorNOT

And this for the Weird Cat:

MAsin, Stiflers_Mom (American Pie fans would know ;) )

edit: woopsie, sorry forgot about the 1 char rule


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Ok..lemme re-do this.

Hammer, the hammerdin.
Hammer is a level 84 paly that I made, and have played with for a while now. He is still a champion, because at the moment he is busy doing Pit runs instead of draggin his lazy butt to act5 to kill baal:D

This is for the Most obvious character build name.


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I play nowadays Baiacu the fishymancer. Baiacu is portuguese for blow fish. I am just waiting for him to Pat, so that I can outfit him with Crushing Blow stuff and do the Baal runs.

But my Pallys of late deserve an infamous mention: Vival, Render, Prise and Tainty. Just speak their names after their due titles, Sir.

@ULTIMATER: and you thought you wouldn't be outsucked!


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Here are mine:

Roland (the vengence/zeal paladin), known knight of medieval times. lvl 99

Atilla (the hun, barbarian), well duh, Atilla the hun is one of the most famous barbarian. lvl 87

Ra (the summon necromancer), Egyptian sun god, but I'm gonna rename the file to Osiris soon, god of the dead. lvl 89

atm (the druid) care to guess what it means, it's the atm you use at bank. :D I started this character one day when i was bored, but just went on with it. lvl 99

Wolfgang (the WW/fury druid), still working on it, now at act 3 nightmare, lvl 60.


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BoyNamedZoo, level 57, Zoo-mancer (i.e.: full stable of skeletons, mages, and revives) Sadly that was back in 1.08, and he sucked in NM! His name is indicative of his build, is based on a song ("Boy Named Sue", for you young'uns out there ;) ), and *I* think it is funny. :teeth:

SumthnFishyHere, level 59 (RIP), Fishymancer, SPHCL character. Also indicitive of build, and allegedly humorous.

Lothar, LotharII, LotharIII, etc. Highest was Guardian LotharVIII, level 84, WW barb. See sig. (It's a Mike Meyers-SNL reference.)

ZapOMatic, level 75, Charged-Bolteress. Very appropriate name for her build.

(I realize I haven't strictly followed the "one nomination per character" rule, but A) I don't care if I win, and B) in the Oscars you can be nominated for multiple things... :D)



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I like names

I think my favorite name is my lvl 12 (so far...) Necro named 'SpookySteve'. He is very spooky (for a guy named Steve).

I also have a WW druid, 'JackWolfman' (lvl 52).
And an Amazon fittingly named 'Diana' (lvl 41).
And a Javazon named 'JavvyJavJav'. She like Javs (lvl 74).

Names are fun. I like names.



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Okay, lvl 40s, huh? This is what I get for starting too many characters and playing them into their 20s ;)

Best book/movie reference:
Roland, lvl 65 Werewolf Druid. It's a reference to Spaceballs, because the king of the Druids (on Druidia) was Roland.
MadMardigan, lvl 79 Zealot. Only uses swords because Val Kilmer's character is the greatest swordsman in the world.
Zenia, lvl 50 c/c MA Assy. Named for Zenia Onnatop, bond girl in... hmm, I think it was Goldeneye. Try saying it a few times... it's one of those "dirty" bond girl names.
Bulwai, lvl 43 sword/shield barb. Named for the leader of the northmen in The 13th Warrior.

Most fitting:
Uther, lvl 60 shockadin. A knightly sounding name for a paladin.
Kowalski, lvl 43 Polebarb. Kowalski is the most common Polish last name, actually meaning smith. He's a polebarb. I hope I don't have to explain why this is fitting, and also funny.

SalmonOfDoom, lvl 67 fishimancer. Also a book reference (Salmon of Doubt, Douglas Adams), and a fitting name. To misquote Vega (I think).. "I am the SalmonOfDoom! Fear Me!"

Well, that's all my characters above 40... except 2, Rhyzell and Thena, my Meteorb sorc and LF Zon respectively. But they're not that great :D
I also think that All entrants should be considered for Best Name.



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i'm particularly proud of the name for Nosferatu - my lvl47 pure bone necro. the name comes from THE original film adaptation of Bram Stoker's "Dracula". directed by FW Murnau in 1922 this stars Max Schreck as Nosferatu (Dracula). even though it is a silent film, it is very well done, and surprisingly spooky - especially the atmosphere of it.

edit: i nominate this for best movie/book reference. :)


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Only names i can think of that have chance of winning any awards are

WhistleY_UWork Im not sure where the _ is on the name but i can't check it because im at a different computer. The name is from my mf sorceress.

StopDropAndRoll~ My necros name because hes on fire when you click him in the character screen :)


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This is looking good... Keep 'em coming, folks! :clap:

I'll gladly pick up the suggestion and alter the rules. Every name will enter the "Funniest Name" category. Whenever anybody posts a name without nominating it for a specific category it will only ba nominated for "Funniest Name".

If I could I'd have nominated my Barb "Skecher" for weirdest name. I was just looking around the room, looking for a name, and saw a box of shoes my girl friend had bought earlier that day. The brand was Skecher, so that's what this dude was called. Unfortunately he retired and I deleted his file from my hard disk.

ckb: I like the name SpookySteve, expecially with the explanation you gave! :) Care to get him up to lvl 40 before the nomination phase ends?