Chaos Sanctuary Zon

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Chaos Sanctuary Zon

"I killed Diablo in less than a minute" - These were my unbelievable words after killing Diablo in hell with my lightning zon.

I couldn't believe it. I had been loafing around act 4 for about 2 weeks because I didn't look forward into going into the Sanctuary. I was pit running in that time with my meager amount of mf (45 wars, 50 shako, 25 CoH) and wasn't finding much and annoyed with all the LI archers that would spawn on me.

So I finally just went for it at level 82. I have no idea what I was worried about. The LI mana leeching casters are, to say the least, annoying as all get out, although my merc was making short work of them with his Reapers. But it was not the unpleasant experience I thought it was going to be. Lord de Sais was a joke - a well placed decoy and about 4 LF later I was looking at my spoils of 2 Full Rejuvs and a nice little rare ring. The other lackeys were nada.

I then TP'ed to town to refresh myself because I saw a hella fight coming on. I hit the last seal and went to deal with the Lord of Terror. And I was anything by terrified. I switched to my Gerke's and +4 Thunderstrokes....and I killed him in about 5-8 hits with Charged Strike.

I have never been able to kill a hell Boss so quickly with any build I have made. I mean Duriel was a pushover but Diablo....I was prepared for a much longer fight.

Since then I find I can clear the Sanctuary much quicker than the pits for some reason with a nice drop from Diablo at the end. IM still annoys me cause if I am in the middle of jabbing a LI I die without being able to check my attack. All in all though I am extremely pleased with her.

Moral of the story: Get yourself a Lightning zon and do some Sanctuary runs. With even meager resists she'll own anything with her merc and lvl 17 zon. Follow nidlav's guide and you too can kill Diablo in less than a minute without quaffing a pot.

I love my zon.


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Hmmm....very interesting post.

If you don't mind could you let me know your zon build:

1. Stats
2. Skills
3. Items

I'm starting a zon tonight and am very keen on following the Lightning/Poison Zon on this forum but would like to know other ideas.

I would like my zon to be able to do good melee damage aside from just the lightning/poison damage since I am going to be using an ethereal Titans. I am not sure if I should spend more than 1 point in Jab. How many points did you put in your Valkyrie skill? It would be nice if my zon can kill monsters quickly and be able to survive melee duels.

Other zon experts out there can also pitch in. Thanks a lot for your responses.


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That's nice! My zon has been mfing chaos sanctuary ( who needs pit runs? :p ) since 1.10 came out. I find that the place is so much easier now. plus diablo die much faster than he did during 1.09.


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lol my zon mf's in sanct too ... i can clear it pretty fast ... not 1 min though i would like to know ur gear/stats

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I wish 1 min

Sorry, didn't mean to be misleading heh. I can off Diablo in less than a minute...the Sanctuary takes a bit longer.

Stats I really can't think of off the top of my head...something like:

STR: 240
VIT: 250
ENE: Base

That is all with gear te str is pumped up quite a bit with CoH and Titans and Stormshield...well let me show you my equip

Shako (may try and find a Lightning facet to put in there any thoughts?)
Chains of Honor Archon
199% Up'ed Titans (WOHOOO off of nm meph :) )
Um'ed Stormshield
+4 Thunderstrokes (switch for bosses)
Gerkes (28 resist all)
Crafted FC Belt with 15 STR, 55 life and 16%FR (faster cast and mana regen too)
45% War Travelers (nm council)
20%IAS/3%ll/2%ml 28% FR gloves

4%ml, 89ar, +8 min, 9%mf ring
109ar, 10 All resist, +22 life rare ring (other mods)
+1 zon, +12 STR....crafted ammy forget the other mods

I should probably switch out the second rare ring for a raven and I think I will when I get home because thinking about it now I have all the resists I need and as a lightning zon Attack Rating is a the raven is mostly for the cannot be frozen which I sorely need. I also want to get my hands on a dual leech ring but my gambling so far has been all for not.

without +skills I have:

20 CS/LS (29 after skills)
18 LF (working on this 27)
13 Valk (20 after skills)

3/1/3 D/A/E
3 Pierce (I believe)
4 Critical Strike (too much)
1 all other pre reqs

In hindsight I wouldn't put as much in Critical since I am not looking to do physical damage unless it's a LI and I have my might merc for that. Oh he wears:

Crown of Theives 10%LL
up'ed Goldskin (789 def)
low ed Reapers toll 15%LL

He never dies unless IM is cast. does about 480 - 2800 or so with might on. And the decrep is awesome from the Reapers.

So when in the sanc I try and kill all the mages first so they can't curse then go after the knights and the big demon guys while I let my valk and merc handle the LI casters. I usually try to park them somewhere while I kill all the sealed monsters and then they just disappear while I take on Diablo. And as I said Big D falls in about 30-45 seconds when I switch to Thunderstroke and just poke him with CS. It is really fun to see him fall while not even touching my health bar.

I love my zon