Chaos Sanctuary-Clearing Bowazon


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Chaos Sanctuary-Clearing Bowazon

I am wanting to build a Bowazon that can clear Chaos Sanctuary in Hell with relative ease. What equipment should I give her and what skills should I use/max?


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Take on a wraith bow and make sure you hit the 9/2 breakpoint. Max strave/critical strike. Have a good valk (no tank merc, I'll die anyway) and some in dodge/evade/avoid.

Use laying of hand for gloves and if you can get to the 9/2 breakpoints without nosferatu, go with razortails. Take fort, some things the like for good resist.

P.S. Let me find you a topic.

Silent Shaddow

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i clear chaos with my bowie very easily,
<upgrading to andy face>
<upgrading to atmas>
LoH, Razortail, Gores
Raven/manald heal
torch charms etc
tal amu

max strafe
max fa, max cold arrow
max valk
<some other skills>

cows is also a good laugh for me :wink3:


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Ill list my gear for my chaosing bowie:
perfect fort
Dual leech ring
War Travs
Atmas scarab

Merc: Faith, Bramble, Andys(ral)

I maxed strafe,guided arrow, penetrate, some in pierece 6 in each d/e/a and rest are going into valk as a tank.

shes able to run chaos in under 7 mins

Even if there were Pi;s there your atmas scarab would take it off with the amp dmg per hit on it so youll wreck everything!


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fbmferinctt; loose the shael off the wf ans stick an ohm in there.

With the ias you have that 20% is useless.


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Lots of similarities in equipment and a few differences. I used windforce/pride merc with variations of all of the above gear, then finally made Faith bow with the same set up...sort of. Losing mana leech from windforce made for alot of shuffling of stuff. They worked about the same in the chaos. Max strafe/valk...see above. Finally found a Razortail....yup sweet spot, max pierce every arrow sets up Atma's scarb to contantly be triggered, the difference was dramatic.

I play ladder us west look me up if you would like to run thru a few games



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I use my pvpBow ama for chaos runs, i just change from faith to wf, and use faith merc.

I know i have to much ias (95) but dont think its worth it to change further more, its so fast anyway.


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I adore this girly:
Harlequin 15% Ias jewel
Crafted 10% CB, 20% Ias gloves
For the 9/2 strafe break
And then on switch a Hone Sudan, with Shael for 4.5 FPA jab break.

Relatively cheap, great damage, and 50% CB 4.5 FPA jab slaughters Diablo. :p