Chaos sanctuary and mercenary


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Chaos sanctuary and mercenary

Well I am not sure that is the right forum to post that but I dont see any more suiting.

I have a Hammerdin pally that I use in conjunction with an Holy Freeze mercenary to do my mf. When I am doing CS runs I have noticed something that seems perculiar. When my merc is alive Oblivion Knights cast probably 2 or 3 times more iron maiden till they get him dead. When I am alone this curse is only use once in a while. Also, when I am engaging Diablo, no matter what I do he will go after my mercenary with a vengeance even if I am facing him he will turn around and kill my merc.

am I just imaging that or any of you have had similar experiences ? I am just curious.


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I supose it's the new 1.10 AI. I've noticed IM thing too. It seems that OK are waiting for you to get close to them for cast IM on you when you start your attack.
I laught when I hear Blizzard saying 'New improved merc's AI'. The only improved thing i've noticed is when they, stupidly, hide in a corner waiting for monsters. Wow, what a improvement!!!.
Something more usefull would be not attacking when IM'd and retreat to your position (only for melee mercs, of course).
Sorry for being a little OT but I had to say it :p


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dont forget the stupid sync too...
*merc walking animation, though, still in same spot* *dead*
congradulations, your zon merc just tried a stupendous melee-lag assault on the biggest group of nearby monsters!

i lose more gold that way...


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hha, i agree.. but i must say. without my merc it would be so much harder to do cs runs..

i have a act5 merc from normal equiped with azure(amn), shaft boneweave(ias), and gaze(um).. the sanc aura is so nice in chaos(knocks back knight's, oblivians, wraiths in a radius) + theres a way to keep him alive with iron maiden!..

my sorc is wearing marrowwalk boots.. and when my merc gets im, i cast life tap on the group hes charging, keeps him alive..


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Lifetap wouldn't work in hell chaos sanctuary. The amount of damage returned is WAY over 50 percent.