Chaos/Pits Necro?


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Chaos/Pits Necro?

It seems that most threads are for ubers but I was hoping to make a necro for running chaos and pits.
I'm hoping for the absolute fastest runner for these so I'm leaning towards a poison necro with PN/PE/PD maxed but then I'm not quite sure where else to spend my points.
Does anyone have experience running these with their poison necros?

Mainly, do I put points into RS for more shields? or GM for more life on my Insight IG? or IG for more returned dmg by my IG?
Also, which merc would be best for this? I'm thinking defiance or prayer act2 merc but I'd like to hear what's worked for other people.



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Poison Nova necro is pretty fun for the job you're talking about. Mine can do it pretty well. Death's web is a must though. I prefer skellies with max RS then up SM after you are poison synergized instead of the golem route, but that's me. In my mind, 10 or 11 skellies presents more of a meatshield than a single golem.

My poison necro currently uses full trang + death's web. I've been meaning to switch out the body armor for Bramble and see how that increases my killing speed, but I just haven't done it yet.

This character also totally rocks for countess and summoner runs - monsters wilt & die just about instantly in those spots. It's been a while since I took him to Nihlathak so my memory is sketchy on how he does down there.