Channels and Messaging


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Channels and Messaging

Have a few questions regarding Channels and the messaging functions in battlenet.

First question is How does the Channel function work? Every time I load Diablo II the look at the channel button it is dark grey as if it was disabled. Should it be like this or is there something special I need to do to activate it?

Second Question is about messaging. Is there a site which lists all the various commands you can use? At this stage I know how to add a friend (/f add xxxxx) and message all my friends (/f m xxxxx). I would like to know if any others exist.



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You need to hit "enter chat" (on the left side of the screen).

I believe you can type /help friends to view all the available friends commands.


There is also a "help" button (might be called something else, dont remember right now) in the chat channel that list ALL commands. There you can also read up on why you should NOT fall for the just-write"/dnd accountname+password"-to-find-your-place-on-the-ladder" -scam ;) ...

EDIT: And for God's sake, dont use /f m to message your friends (unless you have only one friend online at a time). It is more often than not very annoying for the friends you are not talking to atm to see just one end of the conversation. Just some friendly advice to help you keep your f-list intact :thumbsup: (people tend to /f r players who /f m)